Airborne (Luftburen)

Susanne Boll

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Sweden: Bokfabriken

The idyllic summertime in Stockholm is shaken up by a series of brutal murders. The experienced and sometimes unconventional psychologist Vera Lilja is helping out her good friend at the police, Kenneth Karlsson, to find the killer. In hope of doing so before the next attack.

On a personal level Vera is trying to mend things between herself and her lover Alexios, while also trying to reconnect with her long lost son Patrik whom she abandoned when he was only a few months old.

While her life is being flipped upside down the investigation is on a standstill and there is no sign of a solution of comfort.

Airborne is a suspenseful crime novel about revenge, love and forgiveness. It’s the second part in the series about Vera Lilja and the first book Fire Sisters.


287 pages




"Susanne Boll really knows the art of writing a captivating plot." - Nisse Scherman


"I couldn't put the book down. I really liked the first book in the series about Vera Lilja so the expectations were high. And I wasn't disappointed! Gripping and exciting." - boklusen, book blog


"Sure, it is a book about murder and revenge. It's raw and exciting. But it's also a book about friendship, love, compassion and understanding." - evasbokhylla, book blog


"Susanne Boll is fantastic at describing her characters. On both the inside and out. Perhaps it's due to her past as a psychologist. Love from different perspectives play a big role in the book and it's described as both beautiful and painful." - Karins boktips, book blog


Reviews on the first book in the series about Vera Lilja:

“The author portrays the characters nicely in an empathetic way. They become alive… The intrigues is skillfully layered with assault on women, stalking, racism and threats. But there is also a strong friendship and love.” – Dast magazine, Nisse Scherman

”Dark, gripping and extremely well written!” – Jennies Boklista, book blog

”Without explosive action scenes or exaggerations Susanne Boll manages to, with small and smart tricks, keep the suspenseful atmosphere up. The focus is on a believable story where the book’s characters are excellently portrayed.” - Icepick, book blog

“Fire Sisters is a page turner psychological suspense with a relatively slow start and an intense and loaded suspenseful ending. There is both mystery and darkness that gives the story its tempo, you want to keep reading to find out the truth.” - Olivias Deckarhylla, book blog

“It is a well written, exciting story about the psychologist Vera Lilja who is tormented by a dark chapter in her past which will come up to the surface in this captivating story”  - @Acpers Instagram review

”A super suspenseful book that brings up important subjects such as stalking and racism. The book is an easy read and easy to get swept into. When the book ends you're left with a few questions and thoughts that maybee her lover isn't whom she might have though he was. Which makes sure you really do have to read the second part in this series as well!  4/5" - Mias Bokhylla



Author photo by Lars Trangius

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