The Happiness Guide to Stockholm

Written by Marta Rusinowska

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Discovering the everyday magic of sustainable happiness

The Happiness Guide to Stockholm will describe what sustainable happiness is and how to find it. It's a celebration of the city of Stockholm and its wisdoms when it comes to the power of everyday magic.

Reading the book will help you embrace the power of small moments and show you how to find happiness in the seemingly ordinary things in your daily life.

A combination of a tourist guide and a self-development book, it will be your guide to Stockholm’s most intimate experiences and show you how to truly discover the city- not just the pretty buildings and streets but the emotions they bring, teaching you how to indulge in sustainable happiness as you re-discovering your relationship with yourself. It will also give you the blueprint for recreating those experiences back home, wherever you are in the world, adding more positivity and joy into your everyday life.



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About the author:

Marta is a lifestyle writer and blogger. Having graduated with a Master’s in Media and PR, she chose a slightly unconventional career path which took her through the Indian desert and Sri Lankan beaches all the way to New York City and Florence. Marta’s been location-independent for a number of years and spent most of her twenties country-hopping. Her career in writing was a natural transition, and started when she founded her blog, aimed at women seeking to live more meaningful, unapologetically passionate lives.

Having spent over 4 years in London, where she worked on growing her brand and social media following, Marta eventually moved to Stockholm, following a rather fated late summer evening when she fell in love with the city.

Marta has always seen travel as a self-development tool which, combined with her interest in psychology and self-development, took her down the path she’s on today. Her passion for Stockholm and Scandinavia didn’t just inspire her move to Stockholm, but sparked the idea behind her first book, The Happiness Guide to Stockholm.

When she’s not travelling, you’ll most likely find Marta at one of her favourite Stockholm cafes, sipping a decaf latte and eating one too many cinnamon buns.



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