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In her charming and heart-warming books, Martina Haag has entertained readers with hilarious and sometimes painfully realistic pictures of life. The subjects of her early novels range from the escapades of a young single woman in a big city, to the ups and downs of married life as a young mother. Funny and touching accounts of all the memorable – and not so memorable – moments. Creating the comfortable feeling that, in the end, solutions will be found to life’s obstacles, and that life in itself is amazing and can make us laugh.


Martina started a career as an actress before becoming a writer, and divides her time now between the two professions. After only a year as a writer she was voted Columnist of the Year and has since become a popular Swedish author.  Her debut in 2004 was "At Home with Martina” (Hemma hos Martina), a collection of charming and very entertaining pieces chronicling her life as a mother of three. Her first novel, “Wonderful and Loved by All” (Underbar och älskad av alla), appeared in 2005 and became an instant success.  In August 2007 the movie of the same name, starring Martina Haag in the leading role, had its premiere.  It was praised by the critics, seen by huge audiences and nominated for The Audience prize. In September 2015 Martina Haag’s novel “With Love from Missångerträsk” (Glada hälsningar från Missångerträsk), published in 2011, had its screen premiere and again Martina played the lead.


Any picture of Martina would be incomplete without mentioning her relationship with running – everywhere and always. Previously someone who never did any training, Martina became a Marathon runner. Experiencing a runner’s obsession is something she shares with the writer Haruki Murakami; running and writing are a good combination, it seems.


In 2015 Martina Haag’s writing and its reception attained new levels. Her latest novel “There Is Something Going On” (Det är något som inte stämmer) hit the market with a bang. Readers are used to a tale of the good and bad in everyday life, safely cocooned in a cosy world in which everything has a solution. But in “There Is Something Going On”, all sense of certainty is lost and this time there seems no way to put things right. Petra, a well-known writer, and her actor husband are adored by the public, the perfect couple. Out of the blue, Petra finds herself fighting to save a marriage in which the love of her life is giving her reason to doubt.


Martina Haag gives a voice to everyone who has been abandoned and betrayed. She reveals the feelings of a person madly in love who finds her love is no longer reciprocated. She clings on to hope, but once that too is gone, Petra has to get away.


This novel, top of the Swedish bestseller lists, is one you will recommend, a must-read for anyone who has been hurt and deceived, who recognises the despair and anger and knows when it’s time to move on. A serious subject, but in Martina Haag’s hands cause for a smile even in the deepest darkness.


Lotta Olsson in DN writes: “Martina Haag’s story of a divorce takes my breath away. There are few who could describe feelings better then her.”


Other reviewers of earlier titles of Martina Haag say:

” A wonderful and heart-warming book, written with ease and tons of humour. Reading it was pure joy, I laughed out loud several times.”

/ Resumé


“A star on the feel-good shelf that offers high pace, quick dialogue and lots of smiles. The final scene, with revenge on the douchebag of a man, is already a classic.”

/ Amelia


“Like a Swedish Bridget Jones, only funnier and more intelligent.”

/ Västerbottens Folkblad



2017 "Life Goes so Fast and so Slowly" (Livet går så fort. och så långsamt), Novel

2016 "You are my Best Friend and I Love to come over to you for Dinner" (Du är min bästa vän och jag tycker så mycket om att komma på middag hos dig)

2015 ”Something is Going on” (Det är något som inte stämmer), Novel
2012 ”Go, Go!” (Heja, heja!) Chronicles
2012 ”With Love from Missångerträsk” (Glada hälsningar från Missångerträsk) Novel
2010 ”Prison in the Dog’s Castle” (Fånge i Hundpalatset) novel
2008 "In a Different Part of Bromma" (I en annan del av Bromma ) Novel
2006 "The Martina Code" (Martina-koden ) Novel
2005 "Wonderful and Loved by All (and its Also Super at Work)” (Underbar och älskad av alla ,och på jobbet går det också jättebra) Novel
2004 "At Home with Martina” (Hemma hos Martina) Chronicles


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