The Mask Maker (Maskmakaren)

Anna Ihrén


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Sweden: MIMA/ LB


Mask maker Louis works day and night to finish on time for the opening of  Phantom of the Opera at the opera house in Gothenburg. But he senses that something isn’t right. The masks he is creating seem to bring misfortune with them and he trembles as the premiere draws near.

Police officer Sandra Haraldsson’s two already overflowing desks are piled on with two new cases. They involve the murder investigation of two successful businessmen who, at a first glance, don’t seem to have anything in common. Sandra asks for permission to hire her former boss Dennis Wilhelmson to her team in order to solve the cases. Police manager Camilla Stålberg is hesitant for personal reasons. Can she work this closely to Dennis again? At the same time, she is under extreme pressure: the city’s 400th anniversary celebration is coming soon and right now the city is definitely not in a festive mood.

What are the murderer’s intentions? Does Sandra have enough resources to solve the crimes? And can the opera masks have anything to do with the murders?


This is the second part in the Jubilee Crime Series. 


Pages: 270



Reviews on the previous books written by Anna Ihrén:


"The descriptions are so well made that you could easily walk in this story's footsteps when you visit Smögen... Anna Ihrén has done a splendid job with the story. Overall a good crime story with a solution to it that is not easy to guess in advance and interesting characters."

Kerstin, Crimegarden



”Anna Ihrén knows her Crime. The tempo increases and the tension is steady all the way to the end where the riddles are solved during a midsummer weekend on the West Coast.” - Mats Johnson, Göteborgs-Posten