The Master (Mästaren)

Anna Ihrén


Rights sold


Sweden: LB


Another murder stirs up trouble in the city of Gothenburg and the traces lead all the way back to Berlin in the ‘80s.

Building contractor Ernst Rosback is found dead on the top of the first skyscraper in Gothenburg. Since the construction site is a prestigious project for the 400-year-old city, police officer Dennis Wilhelmson and his colleagues now have all eyes on them. Especially the eyes of the local politicians who are pressuring them to solve the case. To compound matters, the daughter of the dead builder has been missing without a trace for several months.

Who killed the building contractor and why? The investigation comes to a standstill but then the police find a clue leading the group to Berlin. Their progress is hindered by the pandemic running wild throughout Europe.


This is the third part in the Jubilee Crime Series.


Pages: TBD



Reviews on the previous books written by Anna Ihrén:


"The descriptions are so well made that you could easily walk in this story's footsteps when you visit Smögen... Anna Ihrén has done a splendid job with the story. Overall a good crime story with a solution to it that is not easy to guess in advance and interesting characters."

Kerstin, Crimegarden



”Anna Ihrén knows her Crime. The tempo increases and the tension is steady all the way to the end where the riddles are solved during a midsummer weekend on the West Coast.” - Mats Johnson, Göteborgs-Posten