As Life Goes By

Jenny Fagerlund

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As Life Goes By is a warm feelgood novel about alienation, difficult life decisions and betrayal, but also about friendship, love and about daring to let new people into your life.

Julia is completely satisfied with life. She has a job she loves and the co-ownership she's been waiting for is within reach. When she is involved in an accident, everything changes and life is put on hold.

Without the context she is used to, she struggles to find the right side of life and the last thing she wants is to let new people into her life. But when Agnes - a stubborn and slightly annoying neighbor - appears, it doesn't take long until she has managed to nestle into Julia's life. But everything is not as simple as Agnes wants it to sound, and life comes with more surprises than Julia has anticipated.

Secrets and old truths come to light and once and for all Julia must deal with her past and what she has been running from for so long. Can she, together with Agnes and the new people in her life, sort out the mess she's gotten herself into?


282 pages




”I am completely in love with the book. Truly, truly wonderful Feelgood” – Malin Wall, Erik Hultgrens Bookshop


"A skillfully written page turner about difficult life choices - and Love of course" - Femina magazine


"A wonderful story about friendship and what truly matters in life." Ida Norinder, Barometern


"This is a charming story about friendship across age lines and how superficial acquaintances can have great significance in life. Of course, love also has its given place in history. The language is straight and simple and the characters well described. A thought-provoking book with many questions about friendship, trust, alienation and enjoying yourself."  BTJ library services no 8 2023



"Jenny Fagerlund has done it again. once again, she has written a feel-good gem that feels genuine and genuine. As Life Goes On is an easy book to fall in love with. It has unexpected twists and ends in a sad yet beautiful way. It is mixed with genuine friendship across age lines to a darker undertone. Wonderful environmental descriptions in Stockholm's blooming spring scenery. I am inclined to agree that it is the best book she has written. A book that stays in the heart - Jessica Lundh"


"Jenny Fagerlund's As Life Goes On is a light-hearted, fine-tuned feelgood novel with a touch of seriousness. About difficult choices and unexpected friendship and above all about daring to say yes to life. Jenny Fagerlund is one of our feelgood queens and while life is going on enjoyable reading.– Frokenmillaskanslaforbocker


"A nice story that warmed the heart, even though the focus is on both loneliness and betrayal, sadness and exclusion, there is also a lot of warmth, love and friendship
I especially like the two cleaning workers, Johan and Larsa, with whom Julia exchanges a few words every morning. The friendship between Agnes and Julia is very nice and they turn out to have more in common than they think. It's never too late to realize what's important in life ” – iminbokhylla


"Every time I read a book by Jenny Fagerlund, I think that it is the best she has written. And that's exactly how it is this time too, because it's THIS one that's the best. I really enjoyed the whole book. Such nice characters that went straight to the heart and with a story that touched.

All her books are characterized by the nice characters that feel warm and genuine, and I like that it's often about friendship across generational boundaries. The friendship between Julia and Agnes is so wonderful, but the two cleaning workers are also touching. I love the scene where they get to help with a thing - it made me laugh.

I thought of reading the book slowly to enjoy it for a long time, but that was impossible. There is a little suspense that I was curious to find out so I inhaled the last hundred pages in my eagerness to know. Stretch reading de luxe.

Can warmly recommend this sweet gem for a book. Fine, entertaining and heartwarming feelgood at its very best.” – Malinsbokblogg


"As Life Goes On is a warm and absolutely fantastic feel good. It is about alienation and difficult life decisions, but also about friendship and daring to let new people into one's life. I really like how the characters and environments are portrayed. The story feels alive and real. I also really like the friendship that develops between Julia and Agnes.
This is a story that creates many emotions in me, I feel anger, joy, sadness. At the end my tears flow. I read the book straight through and didn't want it to end.

I like Jenny's books so much. They are interesting, thought-provoking and beautiful. It's about people where it becomes easy to recognize, that makes it believable." – Bokmalen81


"What I really like about Jenny Fagerlund's books is how simple they are, which in turn makes me feel so close to them. They are completely "ordinary" characters, with ordinary jobs, living in a completely ordinary (and real) city. The story is not exaggerated and the main theme is something I feel so involved in. LIFE. " -


"When Jenny Fagerlund releases a new feel-good novel, you just know you have wonderful reading ahead of you. It's something you can't miss for everything in the world.

The tone is set immediately. When you start reading, you are surrounded by warmth and swept away. Reading flows so easily and naturally. It gives reading pleasure and you just want to be inside the story. This is also easy to do because Jenny paints the environments so attractively and so clearly. There are several Stockholm environments to enjoy, including the one the cover gossips about: The cherry trees in Kungsträdgården

But it's not just cozy. There is both depth and darkness. The main character Julia is involved in something that has to do with work. Everything around it makes one think: What is important in life?

And speaking of characters. They are so easy to fall for and absorb. I also want a neighbor like Agnes and I love the cleaning workers Johan and Larsa. It's a lovely group the author has created. Of course, even ones that are less lovely that balance things up.

Yes, Jenny Fagerlund has written a new feel-good gem!” - Boktokig


"As always, the author has created genuine and vivid characters that will stay with me for a long time! The characters become like new friends and I would love to hang out with them a little more!

I put the book down with a warm feeling in my chest and am already longing to disappear into Jenny Fagerlund's feel-good world again!” – bokmysan


"A book that warmed my heart. I like Jenny's way of writing so much. She portrays her characters with such warmth and makes them feel like one's friends. Every time I finish one of her books, I wonder how the characters fared and want to read more. Although this book contains tough topics such as betrayal, loneliness and bullying, it also portrays light, friendship and hope for the future. I am not at all in the main character Julia's situation, but I can still imagine myself in it and it makes me think about how I would act myself. A very readable feel-good novel that I had a hard time putting down, highly recommended.” – tessansboktips