The Billionaire

Thomas Erikson


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Arabic: Jarir

Latvia: Zvaigzne

Sweden: Bokfabriken

The Netherlands: HarperCollins Holland



Georg Bromarck can look back on a successful life where he built an international business empire worth billions. Now the time has come for his grandson Filip to take over. Then Filip unexpectedly disappears, and Georg is suddenly faced with his biggest challenge ever. Filip is not only a beloved grandson, he is also the only natural heir.

Georg takes help from his mentor and friend Joseph Carling, international expert on human behavior. He is the only one Bromarck dares to entrust with the task of finding Filip.
Who would gain the most from the grandchild never being found? And how far are some prepared to go to get over one of the country's greatest fortunes?

Joseph Carling's path to the truth behind the disappearance is lined with greed and evil intentions. When it becomes clear that Georg also carries a devastating secret, Carling realizes that the chance to save Georg's empire means a fight against the clock.

The Billionaire is no ordinary detective story, it's smart crime – a riveting story about what really drives a person when everything is put to the test.


Thomas Erikson is one of Sweden's currently most translated Swedish authors. With his Surrounded by series, he is published in over 50 languages. In his new four-part smart crime series, The Mentor Mysteries, he uses his knowledge of human behavior. 


400 Pages




"This is elegant crime, the reader's intellect is entertained in a tickling way." - @bokfilosoferna


"The Billionaire feels new in its genre, which makes it even more exciting to read. Both to take part in an exciting novel but also to learn more about people's behaviour. The language is well composed and the accelerating development of events contributes to me quickly becoming engrossed in the book and not wanting to put it down. 5 out of 5" - @flitigamyransbokhorna


"The author has created an exciting, entertaining and interesting page-turner where Carling's knowledge adds extra spice to the reading. I look forward to the next installments in the series." - @bok_stavligt