My Secret Life (Mitt hemliga liv)

Jenny Fagerlund

mitt hemliga liv

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Denmark: Palatium books

Sweden: Norstedts


When Moa’s grandmother passes away, she suddenly inherits an apartment. It’s worn down, a bit too gloomy and filled with old furniture. And it’s also on the wrong side of town. At least according to her partner Ruben. The plan is to sell the apartment.

The more time Moa spends at the apartment, the more she starts to like it. Soon she realises how different she and Ruben are, and how much she adapts to his way of living. Slowly she begins building her own, secret life. The life she actually wants to live, without anyone else’s demands.

At the same time letters begin showing up at the doorstep. The letters contain diary notes and clues that paint a different picture of the grandmother than the one Moa originally had. She will soon realise she isn’t the only one with secrets.


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