The Dower (Morgongåvan)

Susanne Boll


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Sweden: Hoi

Nathalie is a candidate artistic soul that wanders from passion to passion and living from various odd jobs. She is appreciated on the stage when she sings with her soul band. The bassist Peter as well as the men in the audience are drawn to her. But she fumbles – searching for self-esteem and a direction in life. Without seeing the threat she approaches the threatening danger.


Lisa is Nathalie's best friend and contrast – calm and stable. But when she gets children her life stagger precariously. There are things she can’t talk about. Lisa works in the same bank as Jonas. Jonas is a damaged child in a man's body. Plagued by revives memories of a broken childhood, he finds himself on psychosis stripe. He looks and acts so normal, but within violence rumbles together with a disturbed sexuality. One day fate leads him to his angel, and now she must be his. Jonas prepares a plan. She will get the most beautiful dower imaginable ...


The Dower is a suspense novel that deals with life choices and the misguided search for love. Several persons destinies intertwine inevitably together for a few crucial days in Stockholm. A secret leads to devastating consequences, and it turns out that nothing is what it seems to be.



198 pages




"The setup in Susanne Boll's debut novel is not bad. The plot is intriguing and also contains a hefty twist towards the end."

Östgöta Correspondenten


"A pageturner debut. The Dower is told with a strong drive, the claustrophobic plot sometimes makes me forget to breathe, and I have to quickly turn the page to come closer to end.

Tidningen Leva


"With hands on technique the authors weavs a tapestry and the end feels real and I get all the explanations. What I bring with me after the book's end is how easily everything can go wrong. Love, longing and desire has to be handled carefully in order to germinate properly."

Erika's book talks


"There is nothing wrong with the level of excitement! The second half of the book is rocking."

Detective house


Author photo by Lars Trangius

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