Mother's Gift (Morsarvet)

Christina Erikson Granbom


Rights sold

Sweden: Litet Förlag

Mildred Carlesten first job with the police force was in Stockholm but after a tumbling time she has decided to move to a smaller city. Kungsör looks like the perfect place for finding better peace in life. Two failures follow her, a broken relationship and the guilt of a killing. In a hopeless situation she had to shoot a man.


Despite the size of the city, crime never rests and Mildred is thrown into work quickly when two wounded bodies are found in the woods. No tracks, no obvious clues to anything. The murderer is not to find in any registers. The only thing that is clear is that there has to be two persons behind the murders.


Mildred is met with assistance from the villagers. One steady help is the vicar. On the contrary from what Mildred had expected from a small city, she is now in midst of a tough investigation and got feelings for a man. Is it possible to believe in love again?


Gradually Mildred discern a pattern. The offender is obsessed by sin and purification. And he is not finished yet ...



Pages 262