Something is Going On (Det är något som inte stämmer)

Martina Haag

nagot som inte stammer

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You hear that it happens, to others. You pity them. And you know, deep inside that it is NEVER going to happen to you. But you have no idea.

This is a novel about survival. About the importance of a red plaid jacket. About tame wolverines with fire extinguishers. About a bottomless lake, that no one is allowed to get near, about how to get up, even when you feel sure you can’t do it any more.


Petra had a husband and two lovely sons. They lived the happiest life, they were the best family, they were meant to be forever. But this summer Petra’s family spends the vacation without her, they will have lots of fun with Klara Boman. It is Klara and Anders now, it has been for a painful long time without Petra knowing. Now she knows and she has taken off to a remote place where she can get a grip of herself.


Together with the family’s cat Captain Nose, she is installing herself in a small simple hostel near a hiking route in the Swedish alps. She will try to write something about something and the only mission she got besides writing, is to take care about the hikers passing by.


She starts to recreate what has happened before she left and instead of getting rid of the longing she dives deeper and deeper into her former husbands red plaid jacket, for comfort and relief. Guests come and go in the hostel. The bottomless lake is calling for her.


Pages 194


The Book of the Year 2016, shortlisted, the words from the jury;


"It is poignant about infidelity , it is honest , strong and energized, sharing the suspicions , doubts and  experience’s of infidelity and the pain of not being the chosen one any longer. The author skillfully balances between the bleak sadness and liberating humor about a woman's arduous way back."





”Martina Haag has translated the feelings of divorce into words by hypnotizing way. The description doesn´t raise a shared sense of shame, but empathy, added ticklingly by the fact that the main characters look very much like the author herself and her ex-husband.”

Viva magazine, Finland



"On rare occasions when reading a book that is heartbreakingly real I carry that feeling with me for several days. There is something going on is one of those books. Martina Haag has written an outstanding divorce novel, about the thing that hurts the most. About surviving for the sake of your children even when your only wish is to sink into a dark bottomless lake."

Bogblogger. Denmark


“A heartbreaking, raw and honest story about divorce, about losing yourself for a while. Martina Haag’s good writing makes you really be a part in the process. A big applause for this work!

/Bogvaegten, Denmark


"It is skinless and gripping, and it is an author and a book that succeeds with something many authors struggle to do: to emotionally touch.

/SR Kulturnytt


“It is partly the most tumbling divorce story I have read, a total, merciless honesty about all the parts you go through when being deceived by the love of your life. Under the crazy and fun reflections is a constant presence of a breath-taking abyss off grief.

Jens Liljestrand, Expressen


“The divorce story with its despair stands on it own, deeply rooted in a slow fleeting swamp of grief. Every minute of survival is an achievement.”

Ingrid Bosseldal, Göteborgs-Posten


“A horrifying depiction of a divorce with high recognition factor. This years Christmas present.”

Ann Heberlein, Dagens Nyheter


“ With both humour and sadness, a novel about hurt feelings, despair and a new born God damn it feeling.”

Kenneth Gysing, Femina

”That instinctive hunt to find proof, and the trial in understanding them, it is so heavenly well depicted, … The anger and grief over a broken marriage is described so that you can feel it, this is women’s history about how to fall down and rise again. Haag is placing her hearth so that everyone can see, and there is something very beautiful in this.”

Maria Francke, Sydsvenskan


”Martina Haag tells about a divorce so that I lose my breath. Few are those who can describe feelings better than her. The grief, anxiety, the disappearing self confidence. Parts of this book are better then everything Martina Haag has written before “

Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter


Reviews from the Finish readers 


”Honest and ascetic (positive!!) description of divorce”
”Martina Haag has written a brilliant, honest discription of a divorce. Olin niin varma meistä has been written from one woman´s, Petra´s perspective. Today it can be seen almost exceptional choice, but in the context it is justifiable and works well.”
”Analytical and rational.”
”In the end of the book the author proves to be skillful describer of psychical fear and mental shock. ”
”Martina Haag has written a small, ascetic treasure, a brilliant novel, that should be taken seriously.”
Marjaana Roponen, Hämeen Sanomat (and others)


”Martina Haag´s description of the feelings of a left woman sound very true and real.”
”Even though the theme of the novel is harsh, it is not just misery throughout the book. -- The nature heals and gives new strength.”
Jaana Vieno, Länsi-Suomi (and others)



”This book fits for all but those just fallen in love. Incisive description of feelings.”



”Refreshing and honest picture of a woman, whose husband decides to leave and and break the family.”
Me Naiset, Tanja Hakamo




Interview in Swedish at the famous Podcast Värvet where Martina talks about how the book came about and what reactions it has brought out from her readers.