The Nightwatch (Nattvakten)

Anna Ihrén


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Sweden: MIMA


The big ice skating rink in Gothenburg has been decorated with ice sculptures and sparkling Christmas trees. Couples and families are enjoying the atmosphere. Until a little girl makes a terrible discovery: There is a man inside one of the ice sculptures.

The dead man turns out to be one of the local politicians, Lennart Starck. The case is appointed top priority within the police department in Gothenburg where Sandra Haraldsson was just offered a new job. Her first assignment is to lead the murder investigation.

Dennis Wilhelmson is off duty and studying music history in Stockholm. He spends time with Jasmin, whom he got to know at school, until one day when she disappears without explanation. The tracks lead him towards Amsterdam, and through a series of mysterious circumstances Dennis gets pulled into nasty events. He soon realises he has endangered his life by pursuing Jasmin.

The Nightwatch is the world-famous painting by Rembrandt that hangs in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. But what does the masterpiece have to do with Jasmin’s disappearance? And how is it connected to the dead politician in Gothenburg?


This is the first part in the Jubilee Crime Series.



Pages: 272



Reviews on the previous books written by Anna Ihrén:


"The descriptions are so well made that you could easily walk in this story's footsteps when you visit Smögen... Anna Ihrén has done a splendid job with the story. Overall a good crime story with a solution to it that is not easy to guess in advance and interesting characters."

Kerstin, Crimegarden



”Anna Ihrén knows her Crime. The tempo increases and the tension is steady all the way to the end where the riddles are solved during a midsummer weekend on the West Coast.” - Mats Johnson, Göteborgs-Posten