Today we officially welcome Bettina Bieberstein Lee to the Enberg Agency family!  Bettina's psychological thriller novel "Korpsystrar" has been nominated for Best Debut at Crimetime Specsavers Awards 2018. Can't wait to share this title with you all!


Thomas Erikson received a Diamond book for Surrounded By Idiots which has sold over 400 000 paperback copies. We brought in the whole team of superheroes for a celebration lunch.


We just signed a new fantastic author with a passion for good Fantasy and Sci-fi. Enberg Agency wishes to give a warm welcome to Fredrik Persson Winter and we can't wait to share his books with you all very soon.



Johanna Nilsson was awarded today by her hometown Borlänge with this years Culture Prize for her authorship and of course the nomination for this years August Prize for her recent novel "To Awaken the Dreamer" was mentioned as one of many fantastic contributions to Nilsson's long list of works so far in her career. We are very proud of Johanna!


Enberg Agency wishes to welcome a new author the agency family: Liselotte Roll. She writes the kind of psychological crime that no reader will want to put down until they've finished the last page. Her previous books have sold in half a dussin countries and we will work with her soon to be announced new book which we are very excited to tell you all about very soon. But first of all - Welcome Liselotte!




We at Enberg Agency are extremely happy about presenting another amazing feel-good author that has joined our agency-family: Welcome Mikael Bergstrand. We are in love with his storytelling and are truly looking forward to working with his books. This month his new novel The Carefree Caretaker (Den sorglöse hemsamariten) will be released in Sweden and we can't wait to share it with you all!



We're proud to officially welcome the authors of Get Digital Or Die Trying - Arash Gilan and Jonas Hammarberg. Our new pair of Experts on Export come with a full English translation already in place for our international readers we're ready to kick off our collaboration on this brilliant book. In Get Digital Or Die Trying you will be given solid tools that will bring both you and your company through the digital transformation.  Are you up for the challenge? We at Enberg Agency sure are! Welcome Arash and Jonas to the Enberg Agency family.



Enberg Agency is thrilled to welcome Christoffer Holst! Christoffer is our King of Feel-good, his writing is quick, contemporary and cinematic and they are all pure joys to read. Christoffer has exciting plans to combine his passion for love stories with his other passion for suspense and we are looking forward to sharing more news on his upcoming books with all of you - but first - Welcome Christoffer!



With great satisfaction we welcome Dan Katz to Enberg Agency! Dan Katz is the author behind the top listed "The Reptile Inside Your Head" (Ödlan i huvudet).  Something as rare as a non-fiction coffee table book framing the most basic obstacles in life that cognitive behavioral therapy is useful for. With humoristic and accurate illustrations and the written word from an experienced therapist the reader is introduced to the most important mindsets to handle life. The colorful and striking illustrations are made by Yvonne Svensson.

Dan is a psychologist and therapist, his idea is to make cognitive behavioral therapy available for all, easy accessible and both helpful and entertaining to see and read! His writing continues . We are very glad to share more information about "The Reptile Inside Your Head", a perfect give away book and Dan Katz and his coming projects.



Enberg Agency is glad to announce that Anna Ihrén has now joined our author-family! Anna Ihrén is the author of The Smögen Murder Series, (Morden på Smögen), published by Fri Press in Sweden. A Swedish "Midsomer Murder" set in the fishing island Smögen on the West Coast. Anna has written three books in the series and the fourth one is coming up as well as some other exciting news that we can soon share with you! But first of all: Welcome Anna!


Maria Enberg was interviewed in the Swedish newspaper Boktugg about the deal on "Surrounded by Idiots" to the US and the huge success that the book is having in Finland - read the article here.


First impression -  trust in "love at first sight" or flee while you still have the chance? The first time we meet someone our minds struggle to figure out who this other person might be - friend or foe?

At Enberg Agency we are very proud to be the new representatives for Angela Ahola, Doctor of Psychology of perception, and a specialist on that very crucial first meeting. We begin with her "The Art of Making  Impression" ( Konsten att göra intryck, Publisher: Natur & Kultur).


Now the book trailer for "The Fixer" is finally here - the third book in the Hudiksvall series will be released soon



Enberg Agency is very proud to welcome Charlotta Von Zweigbergk to the agency! Zweigbergk will be our newest addition to our womens fiction list with her feel good novels and  she had a very successful year being nominated for an August Prize in the Best Fiction category for her novel "Trapped in Poverty " (Fattigfällan). It's about a woman who due to her sickness loses everything she has built up. We follow her as she is forced to the lowest level of society and her struggles with the Swedish socialistic system when trying to get back up again. Dagens Nyheter's reporter Lotta Olsson wrote "It's so well-written and so important that it should be one of the fundamental books in economics for everyone". We look forward to telling you all more info soon - but first welcome Charlotta!



Enberg Agency is very proud to welcome Emma Ångström! Emma Ångström is the author of THE MAN IN THE WALL, (Mannen mellan väggarna), published by Pirat in Sweden. A remarkable and nerve-racking thriller with a ”monster” you will come to like. The writing of Emma Ångström resembles of Marie Hermansson and the recent successful Caroline Eriksson. A thrilling thriller with elements from the horror-novel, suggestive and emotional. A full English translation is available. We will be back with more information within shortly. But first – Welcome Emma Ångström!



On the front page in today's Bookseller. The Fog Island Trilogy continues to travel and we are delighted to share the exciting news with you all. The trilogy series by Mariette Lindstein is going to be published in UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia through HarperCollins HQ. Read more here!



Mariette Lindstein and her thriller series THE FOG ISLAND TRILOGY moves to the publishing house Forum. The former publisher Mörkesdottir has together with Mariette Lindstein made a tremendous job building this success and will for always be a part of it.

Today the series is sold to several other countries, top listed in Sweden and the demands for Mariette Lindstein's presence all over the country and abroad, both as a lecturer as well as part of literary performances has grown, therefore a big publishing house is a must and Forum has great plans for the trilogy. A perfect match!



Thomas Erikson and his tremendous success SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS moves to the publishing house Forum . In spring 2017 they publish the new book by Thomas Erikson; SURROUNDED BY PSYCHOPATS. Another must-read! Congratulations to Forum, Thomas Erikson and the readers!


The readers has made their choice and Something is going on  is the Winner of BOOK OF THE YEAR - Martina Haag on the news. A novel that touches big feelings. 


A new touching good read from PeKå Englund "A Few Lines to Black River's Finest Crocodile" portraits Nick, a father of tree children is suddenly only the father of two. There are many ways to handle grief, and then there is Nick's way, he refuses and he dares to give life a new chance.


Besides getting brilliant reviews and having her two first books in the Fog Island Trilogy on the absolute top on the toplists, Mariette Lindstein wins The Crimetime Specsaver's debutant Prize, for THE CULT ON FOG ISLAND, here is the jury's reasoning:

”Over 500 pages are completely devoured. Both the jury and the many readers who voted were unanimous – the book is impossible to put down. The language is unpretentious. The feeling of a documentary novel makes it stick out on the overcrowded crime novel shelves. The author writes about a secluded world in a way that is extremely believable and fascinating. A suspense novel about what makes people go through hell and high water because of the desire to belong. This is the first in a new fiction trilogy – we really look forward to the continuation.”


Enberg Agency welcomes a new crime author - Gabriella Ullberg Westin! With great concern about the psychology behind crime, an interest in the individual dilemmas that lead to crime and a personal drive in creating an intriguing puzzle for the reader her novels impress.  With great pleasure we will start presenting Gabriella Ullberg Westin's writing and what could be better than doing it with her recently released "THE RUNNER" (Springpojken). More information will come ...


Enberg Agency congratulates Mariette Lindstein and Martin Olczak  to the nominations for Crimetime Specsavers Award 2016!

THE CULT ON FOG ISLAND by Mariette Lindstein is shortlisted for the Crimetime Specsavers Award! Well deserved! Still climbing the toplist in Sweden!
Martin Olczak is nominated for his children series with Jack. The award will be delivered to the winner at the Crimetime Gotland event in Visby in midst August - Hope to see you there! Magic days for booklovers!


Martina Haag's novel "There is Something Going On" is shortlisted to the award "Book of the Year 2016". The Jury's motivation;

"It is capturing about infidelity , it is honest , strong and energized, sharing the suspicions , doubts and  experience’s of infidelity and the pain of not being the chosen one any longer. The author skillfully balances between the bleak sadness and liberating humor about a woman's arduous way back."

The winner will be announced during the Gothenburg Book Fair in September.


DREAM'S ROAD by Jenny Fagerlund is soon released and at Enberg Agency we are very happy to introduce a brilliant feel-good writer who starts as a winner. With DREAM's ROAD Jenny Fagerlund won HarperCollin's Harlequin novel competition.

It is so entertaining and totally absorbing to read DREAM'S ROAD, a safe ride through the shaky adventures in life of a young women trying to find out what exactly is her life's right components. Welcome to Enberg Agency Jenny Fagerlund!


Enberg Agency is now representing the crime writer Anne-Marie Schjetlein. Her skilled debut DEATH DOESN'T MIND (Döden kvittar det lika) is in fall followed by THE PALE BITTER DEATH (Döden, den bitterbleka).  We say warmly welcome to an author who is inspired by both Karin Alvtegen and Karin Wahlberg and has chosen a surgeon leading us into very cleverly constructed plots.

More information will come


Enberg Agency is very proud to welcome Kajsa Ingemarsson. With her authorship she combines two of the agency's strongest genres. For the women's list her  warm and generous relationship novels and for the list of Swedish experts her unique non-fiction titles sharing profound wisdom in our time are right on. The trilogy "Way of the Heart" was just completed where she shares her knowledge leading the readers to explore themselves and find new ways to creativity, potential, health and love.

"Walking with Isobel" was jus released and is a magical and fascinating stor beyond time and space. An epic tale rooted in the tradition of epic storytelling, related to such writings as "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran. To compare Kajsa Ingemarsson's writing today as an transformational writer and thinker she is in line with Eckhart Tolle and Elizabeth Gilbert. More information will come.


Jöns Hellsing is welcome as a new author to Enberg Agency. His HOPE ISLAND trilogy, starting with "HANDYMAN WANTED" (Händig man sökes)  is sold to Harper Collins Nordic and will be published in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.  A nordic farce with a touch of romance set on a Scottish Island in the midst of 1980 is one of the most professional debuts ever.

More information will come.


We are Live - New webpage launched

Welcome to our brand new webpage. We are excited for this journey and proud to launch the site with a staggering 17 authors on our list already. Once again - Welcome - to Enberg Literary Agency and our Authors without Borders.



Enberg Agency - Founded January 2016

Enberg Agency is a Stockholm based literary and film agency and was founded in January 2016, it is fairly new. The agent is not new to the business. Maria Enberg has worked in the book business for 30 years and most of the time as an agent. At Albert Bonnier Publishing House, with Bengt Nordin Agency, the first independent agency in Sweden. And for eight years she was part owner and founder of Grand Nordic Agency. In January 2016 Enberg Agency saw the light.

With a never ending love to the written word, and books in particular, Enberg Agency will work with a broad variety of literature. Though carefully selected from the Scandinavian rich well of brilliant writers.

Novels, crime and thrillers, fantasy, horror, romance, feel-good and non-fiction. All with a clear potential to travel and appeal to readers around the world.

Special focus is set on crime and thrillers, a strong women’s list and non-fiction with the indisputable experts in different subjects. Entertaining titles with high quality. The writers are the best within their different genres.

Enberg Agency is working closely with the authors. At all stages of their careers. It is a very special feeling to be part of the birth of a new literary voice. The aim is to nurture unique voices in all genres, always looking for new literary talent. Within the agency are a number of authors where the cooperation has been going on for many years. One of the strong reasons to have an independent agent. You will more likely have a long lasting relation.

With the intention to share good reads and amazing stories, books that could make a change I hope our paths will cross and that we find a joyful project to work together on. It could be a book or a film or a theatre play, or why not one of my favourites; listen to this - an audio book!

All well,

Maria Enberg

And, If this story above had started from the very beginning, then once upon a time this is what it started with – the exciting adventure in the blueberry woods;

putte i blabarskogen