The Lizard In Your Head (Ödlan i huvudet)

Dan Katz


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Sweden - KBT Akademin

Russia - EXMO

South Korea - CHAEK-SE-SANG Pub. Co.

China - Post and Telecommunications Press

Germany - mvg Verlag / LAGO

Turkey - Mona

Do you want to find out how to tackle negative thoughts? Do you want to know what to do with your feelings? The Lizard In Your Head provides us with psychological knowledge in a completely new way. With spot on metaphors and humoristic illustrations the book offers insights that helps us handle our lives, our relationships, our thoughts and feelings.


Unlike other self help books it contains well established science from modern psychology and is a real myth buster when it comes to myths found in popular psychology. The Lizard In Your Head is a well of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration and suits both professional treatments and the mass public. It is a wise book.


The colorful and striking illustrations are made by Yvonne Svensson.


104 pages





"Wether or not you wish to get a better understanding about yourself, others,  psychology or just learn something then The Lizard In Your Head" is the book for you. Fun, easily accessible and incredibly instructive are just a few words to describe this book..."

Hänt Extra


"In this thin book the knowledge behind CBT is explained... The Lizard In Your Head is a metaphor for our reptile brain that will signal a threat even when there is none and lays out traps for us... Katz provides short everyday examples of such traps and along with the humorous illustrations the book creates an easily accessible and thought provoking portal into CBT"




Anonymous, Unit manager within the psychiatric field


"Entertaining and Intelligent... gets my thoughts going in a way that few other self-help books have managed to"  - Modern Psykologi