Eenie Meeine Die (Ole Dole Död)

Liselotte Roll


Rights sold

Sweden: Alfabeta

Germany: Egmont Lyx

Poland: Czarna Owca

Norway: Harper Collins Nordic

Finland: Harper Collins Nordic

Denmark: Harper Collins Nordic

A young guard is found brutally murdered by a lake in the suburb Åkersberga, Sweden. At the same time a professor in Archeology passes through the security check at an airport in Germany. He is on his way to Sweden to kill and he will not accept failure. In his garden in Köln his wife is standing looking out over the street that is covered in morning fog. Pretty soon she will come to the fatal decision to follow her husband to find out the truth. A truth that he has devoted his whole life to hide.

The therapist Linn Kalo has no clues about the murder case her husband the policeman Magnus Kalo is investigating although one day she is found missing. Magnus is pulled into a web of lies.


Liselott Roll's crime novel is a book on revenge, love and human vanity. A vanity that can get anyone killed. Eenie Meenie Die is the second stand alone book in the Kalo series.


432  pages




"The intrigue in Eenie Meenie Die is imaginative and different... Roll writes in a supensful and yet close to our reality in everyday life and I look forward to follow this series development" Gunilla Wedding, Skånska Dagbladet


"Captivating, unpredictable and with characters that grow alongside the same pace as the story" Malin Landegren, Nerikes Allehanda


"If you're seeking a nerve wracking moment to relax for a bit Liselotte Roll is a good choice" Nisse Scherman, DAST Magazine


"If you love Scandinavian crimestories,which you read with eyes wide open, get  immediate feelings and goosebumps this is for you!" - Cherry Belle, book blog, Poland


Reviews on the previous book in the Kalo series:


“Entertaining but gruesome […] Roll stays on course and manages to both untangle and tie it all together. “Tredje graden” is full of suspense and will most certainly find its slot in the landscape of Swedish crime novels and their readers. The appetite for this kind of crime novel seems insatiable: easy-going, easy to read in all its goriness, ordinary in spite of its gruesome ingredients.” - Ann Heberlein, Sydsvenskan


“enthralling, psychological and surprising. A captivating thriller from Sweden. Good Girls Don´t Tell is the upbeat of a thriller series that convinces with bloody murders, an exciting background story and elaborate characters. The author Liselotte Roll succeeds in this high class thriller in captivating even readers of books of Liza Marklund, Helene Tursten and Karin Fossum! It goes deep down to the darkest parts of the human soul.” /