Surrounded by Setbacks

Thomas Erikson


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Surrounded by Setbacks is the fourth book by Thomas Erikson following the global success with Surrounded by Idiots, Surrounded by Psychopaths & Surrounded by Bad Bosses.

In Surrounded by Setbacks - When it All Goes to Hell you will learn how to turn setbacks to success.


In his previous books, globally successful author Thomas Erikson has treated such subjects as idiots, psychopaths, lazy employees, and bad bosses. This time he takes a holistic look at setbacks of different sort: problems at work, at home, financial issues, love troubles, crazy neighbours, all-consuming conflicts… Basically, whenever life feels like one long uphill. As usual, Thomas Erikson manages to hit home with his examples. With an empathetic tone and tongue-in-cheek humor, he guides us toward the light at the end of the tunnel. And points to the solutions that we all carry inside us.



320  pages