Surrounded by Narcissists (Omgiven av narcissister)

Thomas Erikson


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Surrounded by Narcissists is the fifth book by Thomas Erikson following the global success with Surrounded by Idiots, Surrounded by Psychopaths,  Surrounded by Bad Bosses & Surrounded by Setback.


Thomas Erikson’s entertaining and spot-on descriptions of human behavior has made his books in the Surrounded by Idiots/ Psychopaths/ Bad Bosses series a global phenomenon and a bestselling success.

In this new book, he deepens our knowledge on narcissists’ extreme self-preoccupation and egoism.

How does one become a narcissist? How do you live with a narcissist? Are you a narcissist? How can you, based on your behavior profile, handle a narcissist when he or she shows up?

The book depicts narcissistic behaviors and points towards its consequences – for every single one of us and for society at large. Everyday narcissism seems to be widely spreading. Is there even a limit of how self-centered we can become before it becomes something bad? Is the individual norm leading us to destructive egoism?


300  pages