Outsmart the Pain

Carin Hjulström & Karsten Ahlbeck


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Sweden: Bonnier Fakta



Reprogram your brain and get your life back

Are you one of the two million Swedes who suffer from long-term pain?

Maybe you have repeatedly sought help in healthcare, but felt lonely and distrustful when you were told that nothing is visible on the samples or on the X-ray. Almost as if you should not be in pain. But when the pain has taken hold, the brain perceives the painful condition as the body's new normal with, for example, depression, lack of sleep, decreased sex drive, memory difficulties and fatigue as a result.

But there is hope.

With knowledge of medication and self-care, it is possible to outsmart the brain and body. Karsten Ahlbeck, chief physician and pain specialist, and Carin Hjulström, journalist and author with pain problems, have together written a book on how to cheat the pain, feel better and have a richer life.


200 pages



“Carin Hjulström dresses in words what many are silent and suffer through; clear, understandable, pedagogical and with expert help - the pain doctor Karsten Ahlbeck, who provides perspective from his extensive experience. /… / Outsmart the Pain is a book for patients, relatives and healthcare - everyone can increase their understanding and get closer to a better situation with long-term pain.” -Christian Olsson, BTJ

“It is extremely informative in a humble and non-pointy way.” -Tina Crafoord, chairman of the Swedish Medical Association's Executive Association

“The chapter ‘How to succeed with your doctor's visit’ should be read by everyone who is or has been ill or may need care.” - Dagmar Westerling, Läkartidningen