Heading for Burnout or Just Perimenopausal? (New revised edition of Perimenopower)

Katarina Wilk


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"If I don´t sleep soon, I´m going to die in one way or another."

Perimenopower combines humor and identification with just the right amount of facts to make it easily accessible. Katarina Wilk wants to empower women and make menopause something powerful in order for us to understand and talk about it early on.

Have you woken up soaking with sweat in the middle of the night without knowing why? Have you found it difficult to go to sleep even though you have been completely exhausted? Are your mood swings so extreme that you hardly recognize yourself? Then you may have reached the perimenopause, a natural (but often difficult) phase in life for women that usually begins in their 40s. Many people recognize the word menopause, but think it occurs when you get close to 50. What most people don’t know is that the symptoms, that can appear as early as 35+, could be caused by swinging hormones. But relax – help is on its way.

This book is the ultimate guide for you who has started to experience strange symptoms with your sleep, mood, and body. Here you will learn everything about how and why the body reacts the way it does. You get the best tips, all in one place, for becoming well-rested, glowing, and in a better mood than ever! Read about sleep yoga, natural supplements, diet, exercise and, not least, the hormone estrogen – everything to help you get the right preconditions to discover your female superpower when the hormones swing – your perimenopower.

Health and medicine journalist, Katarina Wilk, combines facts with personal experiences to inspire, guide and, above all, include you. You are far from alone in these symptoms. An audit of medical facts has been conducted by Evelina Sande Idenfeldt, chief physician in gynecology and obstetrics.


191 Pages



In 2022 a new revised edition with bonus chapters was released in Sweden 





"Such a comforting book to read and written with a relatable touch. Sort of feels like you’re having a chat with a good friend and she totally gets what you’re saying.

Katarina discusses and explains peri-menopause in a way which confirms you’re not going mad and leaves you feeling totally relieved that this crazy menopause journey we’re on is normal and millions of women are feeling exactly the same as you! Which can be the best type of therapy sometimes.

Good information and advice to follow. Definitely worth a read.”

- Jane Atherton, Founder TheMenopauseRoom.com



"One of the hottest titles about menopause right now - and it doesn't even talk about menopause." - Tara Magazine


Said about Perimenopower

"Every 40-year-old in the entire world needs this book."

"I don’t have any problems myself, but my sister-in-law does so this will make the perfect Christmas present."

"Even men can benefit from reading this book in order to understand and care for the women in their lives in the best possible way."

"Prevention is better than cure. Finally, here is the book that provides an answer to all the fuzzy symptoms that appear after 40."

"This book has taught me so much about things I knew nothing about. Now I feel completely prepared for when the symptoms arrive."

"Finally, now I get it! This book is a gold mine for every woman of a certain age. I thought this was something that happened later, when you are 50 and your periods stop, not now – I am only 40!"

"Now I understand why I sweat, why I have mood swings, and why my body is at odds with me."

"God, I get so bloody angry (OK, it may be my hormones) when I think about my mother and all the poor women who have missed out on this information. Why has this book not come earlier? It’s vital."

"All this, I wish I had known when anxiety struck."



"It is such a great book - thank you for creating this resource and encouraging us midlife women to be more open about what we are experiencing."
-Tania Dalton, health-influencer from Australia


"Katarina Wilk is a force of greatness in menopause awareness."
- Health influencer from Canada


Reader Reviews on Amazon:

”I liked the book a lot. Katrina talks about her own experience which I'm sure a lot of women may relate to; it's empowering. It's no-bias towards any treatment which I think is important because every woman is unique and has her unique hormonal journey.”

”5 out of 5 Stars. Straightforward and Informative. Amazing. It was like this book was written with me in mind. I read the entire book in one sitting. It offers practical, and unbiased advice, in a straightforward, easy to follow way. I have even given it to my husband to read as I think it may help him understand some of the symptoms I am experiencing. Thank you Katarina Wilk for shedding some light on my symptoms - I am not going crazy!!”

”ABOUT TIME!!! Having gone through perimenopause hell and struggled to find valid, well-researched information, it was wonderful to read this book and realise that I wasn't going crazy and many women are going through the same struggles. I love that this book combines facts with Katarina's personal experiences and provides women with comfort and hope during a time when they can feel very isolated and confused.”