The Queen of New Beginnings (Bloggdrottningen 2)

Therese Loreskär

bloggdrottningen 2

Rights sold

Sweden: Idus & Word Audio (2015)

Our main character Kajsa is back, just where we left her. In the nice and big villa in Edsviken, Stockholm, with her three children and dog. There are some slight changes. Since Kajsa publicly announced how everything with her successful blogg was just a lie she no longer has a job. Also, she should see her marriage as over since her husband Hans is probably in rehab for his sex addiction somewhere in Värmland although no government official wants to confirm this.


Kajsas mother in law manages to get thrown out of the nursery home since she had an unauthorized visitor living in her closet. When Kajsa unexpectedly gets an offer to move to a fashionable part of London she has to make a quick decision. The mother in law needs to go! After many hours of bureaucratic arguments she finally arranges for a new home for the old lady, at a hospice.


Kajsa and her kids gets on a plane to start their new life in England and the future looks promising. Although it doesn't take long until the hospice she had arranged for the mother in law discovers that she is in no way dying just yet, which Kajsa had claimed when she dropped her off. She is not any closer to dying than the rest of the old ladies out there!  London is not at all what Kajsa had in mind, but anything can happen so maybe it will all turn out for the better in the end?


264 pages