Rootless (De rotlösa)

Frida Skybäck


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Denmark: Cicero

Germany: Insel

Sweden: LB Förlag

Russia: Eksmo



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How far would you go to save your brother?

Lydia’s brother Dani has a dark secret. At thirteen he was recruited by a criminal gang and has since been convicted of several offences before finally managing to break free. During the last few years, he has got a job and an apartment and promised his family never to commit another crime, so when the police inform Lydia that Dani is suspected of abducting a young woman her world falls apart.


But something isn’t right with the accusations against Dani and since the police is convinced of his guilt, Lydia begins her own investigation. The missing woman, Linnea Arvidsson, lives in an upscale area of Malmö and studies at the University. Her school is only a stone’s throw away from the café where Dani works. But why would he abduct a woman he has no connection to? And is Linnea really who the police and the media thinks she is? In a desperate pursuit of answers, Lydia tries to find her missing brother.


Rootless is a captivating Family Noir novel in which we get to follow the story from three perspectives. The first part is told by Lydia, the second by Dani and the third by Linnea. Through them we learn what it’s like to grow up in one of the most impoverished areas of Malmö, but also how love can make us do things we never thought possible.


304 pages



“Frida Skybäck has managed to create something quite spectacular. With contained anger she depicts how victim and perpetrator meet and how underlying problems arise. Rootless is a suspense novel, but it is also a firebrand.” /Ölandsbladet, News Paper

“This is both a gripping family drama and a suspense story. The depiction of Malmö is expressive and the people are illustrated with life and credibility.” / Rasmus Klamas, Library Services

“Frida Skybäck masters all branches of story-telling and Rootless becomes dramatic, suspenseful and captivating about family ties, class and the boundlessness of love.” /Anders Kapp, Book Reviewer


Reviews from book bloggers


"Masterly told. One of the best suspense novels of the year!" -Boknjutaren


"A suspense novel that stands out – simply a real page turner. 5/5!" -Amelies bokhörna


"With tenderly illustrated environments and characters and a well-constructed storyline, Rootless is one of the best suspense novels of the fall and Skybäck is my new favorite. 5/5." -Fröken Smillas känsla för böcker


"With this book, Skybäck changes genre, and she does it in a splendid way. The novel is thrilling and dramatic and the story feels authentic. Here you will find interesting characters and a plot told out of three different perspectives. The book is really good. I couldn’t stop listening and I warmly recommend it!" -Boklogg


"What a skilled author Skybäck is … I admire the way she presents and depicts her characters, it’s incredibly authentic. There is a strong drive forward, which makes the story interesting all the way to the end." - Xtbibblan


"Skybäck masters this type of storytelling as well. A strong novel that really touched me". -Boksann