The Duke of Herrings (Sillbaronen)

Anna Ihrén

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Sweden: MIMA (Audiobook: Word Audio Publishing)

Germany: HarperCollins

The famous Duke of Herrings in Smögen, James Blakes, grandson is found dead in the recently renovated pilot lookout. Nathalie Colette and Sandra Haraldsson are puzzled when they are the first to arrive at the suicide spot. Only one week before his death, Charles Blake, was in an interview where he smiled at the cameras talking to one of the large business magazines about who he was planning to manage the large fortune he had just inherited from his father.

Was it really a suicide and if so - what let to the decision to end his life? And what is really going on in the merchant house at the pier in Smögen where the Blake family resides and live an isolated life with barely any contact with the outside world.


Nathalie from Cold Case in Guthenburg is a summer intern at the police station in Kungshamn and she is faced with a difficult task in order to collaborate with Sandra Haraldsson who has taken command at the station.

Dennis Wilson is contemplating over his life and his growing desire to start a family of his own.


This is the third book in the Smögen Murders series.


Pages: 340