Sonja's Second Chance (Sonjas andra chans)

Åsa Hellberg




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It's finally here: the third, stand alone novel about Sonja and her

Hundreds of thousands of Swedes have read the first two books and wished

for another novel about the millionaire who changes her best friends

lives after her death. Now Sonja does it again!



It's been seven years since Sonja died and her best friends inherited

her fortune, including a restaurant in Paris, a hotell in London and an

amazing house on Mallorca, where the three friends were encouraged to

start their new lives.
Sonja asks them for a final challenge to spread her remaining ashes

around the world, a journey that would take the friends about 6 weeks to


But time flies and it’s not until now, even though years have passed by,

that they’re finally about to do it.
When we meet them again we find Rebecka in deep mourning after the loss

of her husband. Susanne feels pressured from Michael who wants to move

in together, which is something she is not keen on doing. Maggan keeps

struggling to find balance between herself, Paul and her family. They

sold the restaurant in Paris and have moved back to Farsta, a suburb in

Sweden, and she has regained her old habit of baking buns and eating all

of it by herself.

The three friends receive several letters letting them know where Sonja

wishes to be spread for her final rest. They also get to know why. A

touching and deep love affair reveals itself during their journey. It

turns out the happy and life-affirming Sonja that they all new lived a

more complicated life than they could have ever imagined.

They are faced with insights and decide on new life changig decisions

thanks to the trip, and neither sinkholes nor cancelled cruises to

Hawaii will stop them from giving Sonja – and themselves – a second



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