Sonja's Last Will (Sonjas Sista Vilja)

Åsa Hellberg

sonjas sista vilja

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It wasn’t an ordinary scene, to find a dead woman outside the entrance to the big department store Åhléns. But Sonja Gustavsson had never been an ordinary woman. She had not planned to die in the middle of Farsta shopping mall, but if she had known that it was there it would happen, she wouldn’t mind.

However, she had planned everything for her friends, Maggan, Rebecka and Susanne, The three women are immensely shocked both by the news of Sonja's death and the intricate will that she has left behind. None of them knew about her tremendous fortunes!  Now they will share everything - all the millions and all the exciting investments. But first, they must agree on certain conditions ...  Will they and can they fulfill Sonja’s last wishes?

Sonja's Last Will is a real page-turner. Three ordinary women in their fifties are uprooted from their ordinary lives and forced to start all over again under very unusual circumstances. We follow them breathlessly; on hot love affairs in Paris, to complicated ex husbands in Stockholm and to adorable grandchildren in Östersund.

This is a lovely, romantic comedy that attracts both laughter and tears, and it is completely impossible to put it down!

328 pages




"A light, warmhearted and enjoying summer read."

Delmenhorster Kreisblatt, Germany


"Have you ever felt that your life wouldn’t be as good without your best friends? If so, you should read Sonjas’s Last Will by Åsa Hellberg. Give room for Kleenex tissues and great laughs. Åsa Hellberg’s novel is about how it is to want the best possible life for each, and also about how honesty is not always present. It is a book about mature women, friendship and the fact that life never ends to surprise you."



"The story about three ordinary women who decides to start all over with their lives, offers pure romance and feelgood."

Politiken, Denmark


"The story is entertaing and fun. Feels good to read a chick lit that for once deals with more mature women and therefor brings in other problems in life that this genre normally doesn’t bring up".

Alt For Damerne, Denmark


"A pure feelgood-novel that should be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day with a cooling drink at hand."

Andrup's bookshelf, Denmark


"Feel good, at it’s very best!"



"A warm story that goes straight to the heart. I continued to read even though it really had become far too late and I was to get up early next day."

Literature Magazine


"It is satisfying to read about love and friendship with women in their fifties as the main characters. And I really like the characters in the book."

Britt-marie "Bim" Kullin


"It is a warm, entertaining and easy book to read and get into. I like that it's about women around fifty and that it pictures their sex life, which is not often written about."



"This is the very definition of a feelgood novel . Do you want to read a book that is entertaining, warm and well written? A book about true friendship among women in midlife? I was drawn into the story and accept the genre’s attribute;  designer clothes, pink champagne, love, sex, complications and misunderstandings. But is not trivial, it is a good book about real friendship."

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