Sonja's Secret (Sonjas Hemlighet)

Åsa Hellberg




Rights sold

Poland: Wydawnictwo Poznanskie

Romania: Baroque Books

Sweden: Bra Böcker

When the economist Julie leaves London to move to Paris, she dreams of sweet romance, good food and to get away from her controlling mother. At 37 Julie thinks it is time for a change. Her mother Edith however dislikes her plans. What if Julie meets a Frenchman! The thought of that is just too much for Edith to handle.

But is this the real reason for Edith's protests? What secrets are hiding behind her perfect face and why is she refusing to talk about her own years in Paris? Meanwhile, the journalist Kicki and the photographer Fredrik finds some forgotten photographs in Julie's apartment, and another friend of theirs, Sonja, comes in focus. They find photographs of Sonja along with the French President!

Sonja's three best friends, Rebecka, Maggan and Susanne, can’t understand a thing. Sonja carried many secrets and the one they are about to reveal turns out to be the biggest of them all.

Sonja's Secret is an independent sequel to the success novel Sonja's Last Wish. In a furious pace, we are brought to Mallorca, London and Paris, where love could flourish as long as too many secrets aren’t  in the way.

This is a romantic comedy at its very best. It's warm, compassionate, sexy and incredibly funny.

355 pages


"The language is easy, flowing, the dialogues made me many times burst into laughter and the book's characters both irritate and impress."


"It’s a fast pace, the scenes and chapters shifts often. I read the book without a break, and feel almost a little short of breath at times. After swallowing the last bit of Åsa’s great cake, I lick the cream from my fingers, wipe my mouth and starts looking at the calendar. When was it again the third book would be released?"