The Man on the Beach (Strandsittaren)

Anna Ihrén

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Sweden: MIMA (Audiobook: Word Audio Publishing)

Germany: HarperCollins

Dennis Wilson is taking some time off work as a policeman in Guthenburg, Sweden, and heads up to the island Smögen where he grew up in order to process his recent life crisis. Although the summer won't be as calm and harmonic as he had planned. A young man is found dead in the dock in the Smögen Harbor and and old friend of Dennis goes missing. Against his will he gets dragged into a murder investigation that's getting a lot more attention than what is common for the village Sotenäset.


He gets to know the police trainee Sandra Haraldson. She is a young, ambitious and very straight forward in her approach and somehow she manages to break down his walls and slowly her help will heal his wounds.


What he doesn't know is that the Swedish/ American genealogist Anthony has found stories and people throughout the history of Smögen that will come to change Dennis's future forever.



This is the first book in the Smögen Murders series.



Pages: 341





"Exciting debut... The environmental descriptions are her strong side. I wouldn't mind reading another book in this series."

Mats Johnson, Göteborgsposten


"The descriptions are so well made that you could easily walk in this story's footsteps when you visit Smögen... Anna Ihrén has done a splendid job with the story. Overall a good crime story with a solution to it that is not easy to guess in advance and interesting characters."

Kerstin, Crimegarden



"She's ditching corpses at Smögen. Anna has found inspiration in her characters through her visits as a child to Smögen. By combining her love for the island and through inspiration from the beach boys and Dennis Wilson's destiny Anna created her hero. A policeman with surfing in his blood who longs for a summer off at Smögen to deal with some private issues. But instead of peace and quiet Sotenäset's largest police investigation ends up as his responsibility, as well as the police trainee Sandra."

Sara Kirudd, Bohusläningen


Reader comments from Amazon - Germany 


“I was immediately attached to the book thanks to an incredibly well portrayed description of the settings and main characters, and it was hard to put it down. I was really entertained, and it deserves 5 out of 5 stars”

“This Scandi Noir had me hooked and I couldn’t put it down. I look forward to more cases about Sebastian and Sandra”

“The way Ihrén writes is nice and flowing. There is a lot of detailed descriptions. And especially the environment and setting are well portrayed. You will feel like you’re right there – on west coast in Sweden. The historic parts made it so exciting and interesting.