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Psychologist and journalist, blogger and singer, but above all, writer. Susanne Boll has always wanted to write books, and settled the matter when she temporarily lived outside Barcelona for a period. The result are books that are demanding and sparkle at the same time. Susanne Boll wants to explore human relationships and find out why we do the things we do in different situations. They may look easy, the choices in our lives, but really, life is always difficult. A bad decision so easily leads to a misstep and then the relationship carousel starts. In Susanne Bolls books the reader finds love and betrayal, joy and regret, infidelity and forgiveness. With a firm hand, she pilots the reader through darkness and light, she shakes the reader and makes you rethink your last view on things. And the only thing you know when you finished reading a book by Susanne Boll is that you yearn for when the next will come.


On the question why she writes what she writes, Susanne’s response is: “I'm so unbearably virtuous myself, that’s why I am interested in why people make bad choices all the time.”


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2021 - Part 4 Vera Lilja series

2020 - Earth Bound (Jordanden), Novel, part 3 Vera Lilja Series

2019 - Airborne (Luftburen), novel, part 2 Vera Lilja Series

2018 - Homeless Hearts (Hemlösa hjärtan), easy read, novel

2018 - Fire Sisters (Eldsystrar), novel, part 1 Vera Lilja Series

2013 – Coming Home (Hitta hem), novel
2013 – The Right Decisions (Det enda rätta), novel
2012 – The Dower (Morgongåvan), novel



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