The Salt of Ancient Tears (Tårer Fra en Tapt tid)

Brian M. Talgo & Brynjulf Haugan


Rights sold

Lithuania: Obuolys

The Czech Republic: Grada Publishing

The Salt of Ancient Tears, is a high-concept story of romantic adventure and suspense. It’s a story that addresses the growing awareness of #MeToo, while spotlighting strong female characters. The story features a main character who takes control of her life, successfully brings down a wealthy sociopath, and emerges the woman she has longed to be.

The story: In the early fifteenth century, the last Viking settlement on Greenland was subject to an inexplicable catastrophe. The entire population of several thousand souls simply vanished, leaving behind deserted homes and abandoned fields. One of history’s most intriguing mysteries, the fate of the Greenland Norse has never been resolved. Until now.


Oslo, present day: Julia is a woman who cannot commit, and Magnus is a man who cannot choose; two strangers going about their lives, alone, out of touch and out of place. Burdened by feelings they can’t understand, Julia and Magnus struggle to chase away the shadowy memories that haunt their dreams. An archaic Viking symbol, the Jörmungandr, a serpent biting its tail, leads each of them to enigmatic physician Leonard Koll.

Using an unorthodox combination of acupuncture and hypnosis—the ancient Tibetan Wind in the Blood—Leonard helps them to uncover a brutal past existence in medieval Norse Greenland, setting them on a course to unravel the origins of their dark feelings. This cathartic experience ultimately proves to be fatefully linked to present events as well as resolving the age-old mystery of Norse Greenland, and an undying love between two star-crossed souls.


350 pages




"The Salt from Ancient Tears is a book I would recommend that everyone read!! I cried, I laughed, and occasionally it touched me so deeply that I just had to put it down.
Yes, it’s a book about history, practically a crime novel, but also a love story. But it definitely addresses current topical issues as well #MeToo. What’s especially impressive is that two men sat themselves down to write a book about strong women. Thank you Brian M. Talgo and Brynjulf ​​Haugan!" - reader, facebook


"... A mix of Sofie's World, The Da Vinci Code, Norwegian Viking history and #MeToo. A very topical and exciting book!" - reader, instagram


"Every bookstore should have Brynjulf’s book as one of their favorites. The book is unique! It was difficult to put it down!" - Jill Langballe


"A very exciting book that was hard to stop reading. A nice transition between the New Age and the Viking Age. I am looking forward to reading the next book.
I loved It." - June H Glosli Olsen (English original)


"A book that has everything, from beginning to end. I just want to read more!" - May Britt Renee Dale


"An unbelievably exciting and good book. A slight sense of sorrow came over me now that I’m finished." - Helen Kranstad Aasrud


"I haven’t read such an exciting book in many years. It was exciting from the first page. I was completely drawn into the story and almost didn’t manage to put it down until I was finished reading the last page. The past, the future and the present are woven together in rich and powerful imagery. The book tells about people who experience challenges in life – I believe we all can identify with much of what is being told here, and I’m already looking forward to the sequel." - Marianne Milda Ødegaard


"I was so lucky to receive a copy of The Salt of Ancient Tears as a gift from my foster daughter, and I finished it in the course of two days… I didn’t manage to put it down. I would like to thank you for a fantastic book! Now I hope that there will be a no. 2 (Or several books that are a continuation of this one). Once again, thank you so much." - Rita Jørgensen


"An exciting book that couldn't be put aside. A beautiful connection to the modern time from the viking era. I look forward to the continuation."

– June H Glosli Olsen



Reviews from Czech readers 


"First book in a series written by two authors, which did not let me rest. It contains all topics that interest me - history, past life, and love, even if only marginally ... Well written with an excellent translation, well read in my language. 5 out 5"

- review from the site Databazeknih