To Tuscany and Back Again (Toscana tur och retur)

Åsa Hellberg

toscana tur och retur


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Two middle-aged women, a motorbike and a castle in Italy. Everything is set for an entertaining and warm romantic comedy signed Åsa Hellberg: To Tuscany and Back Again .


The journalist Sarah Raphael lacks ideas for her next story. When she buys a motorcycle cheaply and sees a travel advertisement for Tuscany attracting with castles, vineyards, olive and sunflower fields, there is only one thing to do: to get her best friend to come with her, on the bike, and go.  Jessica Romin, the famous writer, always in high heels and now laughing out loud at Sarah's suggestion. She is just leaving for a writer’s conference in Malmö and is planning to take the train. How on earth she then ends up in a leather suit behind Sara on a motorbike, she really doesn’t understand?


It is the start of a journey, the two friends will never forget – an unplanned night in a tent, helmets that are too small, threats from other drivers, handsome heroes, harsh Italian women ...  And finally, the castle – a magical place. For Sara this is not the first time, she has been there before. With both freight and tingle, she remembers a romance long ago. For Jessica, who needs to start thinking of other men than JP, the love of her life, the meeting with Anders means she can relax, and she doesn’t have to talk about her pain. The Italian castle's towers and wine cellars carry secrets that affect both Sara and Jessica in ways they never could have imagined. The question is whether one can really escape one’s past?

312 pages




"To Tuscany and Back Again is a lovely and nicely balanced mix of seriousness, easy-going and humor. A real feel-good story that makes you want more."

Bokfrossa, blog


★ ★ ★ ★



"Guaranteed fun and cozy - with a lovely intrigue."

Kattugglans blogg


"The best thing about the book is the portrayal of Sarah's and Jessica's friendship. Incidentally, the book is exactly what it promises, a romantic comedy but with some older protagonists than in most romantic comedies, whether you're talking about movies or books. The book has a good pace, especially towards the end where the curiosity gets built up high,  I wanted to know how it would go with all the character’s tangled in romantic relationships."



"Åsa Hellberg has written a book in the genre of romantic comedy that includes everything one would expect of a book in the category; love, entanglements, humor and romance. What I find very liberating is that Hellberg lets us follow two seemingly very ordinary middle-aged women, they are perhaps no heroines in the classic sense, yet everyday heroines, no weaklings with the attitude that nothing is impossible. Swedish feelgood at it's best."

Johannas deckarhörna


"If you're looking for a feel-good book to read in the hammock on vacation, it works."