Good Girls Don't Tell (Tredje Graden)

Liselotte Roll


Rights sold

Sweden: Alfabeta (Audiobook Ordfront)

Germany: Egmont Lyx

The Netherlands: DeGeus

UK: World Editions

Poland: Czarna Owca

Norway: Harper Collins Nordic

Finland: Harper Collins Nordic

Denmark: Harper Collins Nordic

When Erik Berggren, a young man, is found brutally murdered Inspector Magnus Kalo and his team are mystified. Other than being an alcoholic, the victim seems to have led a completely normal, if rather lonely, life. Then Erik’s mother is visciously attacked in a similar way. Investigating family secrets that stretch back decades, and a trail that leads to to the Argentinian military Junta’s reign of terror, Magnus realizes that someone is stalking him and his own family.…


317  pages





"At certain moments I thought I could feel a bit of a similarity to the Sjowall and Wahloo Beck books, particularly Roseanna. The characters have a humanity to them and the language is simple but tells the story well." – Nordic Noir Blog,


"The exquisite descriptions of the bleak, harsh, frozen Swedish landscape adds volumes to this incredibly well thought out story." – Anne Cater,


"This years most interesting debut author is Liselotte Roll with her book Good Girls Don't Tell. It's a thriller with a high tempo."

"Roll's first crime novel has a good flow, interesting structure and one or two nice side tracks"


"Good Girls Don't Tell is a violent, gruesome, often scary novel. It is also fast-paced and gripping and will appeal to those who like a page-turning plot with some social and political thinking driving it."– The Writes of Woman


“Entertaining but gruesome […] Roll stays on course and manages to both untangle and tie it all together. “Tredje graden” is full of suspense and will most certainly find its slot in the landscape of Swedish crime novels and their readers. The appetite for this kind of crime novel seems insatiable: easy-going, easy to read in all its goriness, ordinary in spite of its gruesome ingredients.” - Ann Heberlein, Sydsvenskan


“enthralling, psychological and surprising. A captivating thriller from Sweden. Good Girls Don´t Tell is the upbeat of a thriller series that convinces with bloody murders, an exciting background story and elaborate characters. The author Liselotte Roll succeeds in this high class thriller in captivating even readers of books of Liza Marklund, Helene Tursten and Karin Fossum! It goes deep down to the darkest parts of the human soul.” /