Dark Wings (Under Fjärilens Vingar)

Lena Matthijs

under fjarilens vingar

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Sweden: Hjalmarsson & Högberg

– Hello Cecilia. Are you walking the whole way home from school?

He tried to make his voice as gentle as he could. She turned her head and looked straight at him. First an astonished shade flew over her face, then a look of recognition, followed by a look of dislike. She did not answer him. – You want a ride?, he asked in his friendliest voice. She shook her head and continued walking.


Dark Wings is a cruel story of revenge. A young woman, Cecilia, has decided to jump from the roof of a building. Her sad story starts when she is only ten years old and gets picked up by a man outside school. Cecilia is now 24 and badly wounded from a fire back in time. Against her will she is miraculously saved by the police. They drive her to the hospital for care, but even though she is very suicidal she is let out later on the same day.  After this she disappears and the police get busy with a number of killings. At first the murders seems to have no connection to each other. But a pattern will reveal what has been hidden for years. The story of why the wounded girl wanted to jump.


384 pages



"Matthijs voice is working very well when depicting horrible events without getting speculative and is allowing her characters to have strong empathy that feels real."



"Her second book proves that she is capable of fulfilling  the high expectations after the brilliant debut."

Borås tidning


Author photo by Pernilla Rudenwall