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Crimetime Specsaver's Awards  - Debutant Prize

Bettina Bieberstein Lee gets her inspiration and drive from observations and experiences from real life. And just as her main character Hanna she stands up for justice which is an important theme throughout her books. The Raven Sisters is her thriller debut and was nominated for the Crimetime Specsaver Awards - debutant prize in 2018.

She has previously written two life style novels published in Germany, worked as a writer, journalist, art director. Bettina Bieberstein Lee grew up in Switzerland but has lived in Stockholm for the past 30 years with her husband and three children.


For reader's who love Tove Alsterdal and Gillian Flynn this is an author to devour.


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2022 - King of Hogs (Svinakungen), novel

2019 - Tiger's Eye  (Tigeröga), novel

2018  - The Raven Sisters (Korpsystrar), novel


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