The Bookshop on Riverside Drive (Bokhandeln på Riverside Drive)

Frida Skybäck


Rights sold

Denmark: Cicero

Finland: WSOY

France: Editions Leduc

Germany: Insel

Italy: Giunti

Latvia: Latvijas Mediji

Lithuania: Obuolys

Norway: Gyldendal

Sweden: LB Förlag

The Czech Republic: Dobrosvky

Russia: Eksmo



Nominations and Awards 

Shortlisted at the Danish Mofibo Awards 2022 for Best Translated Fiction

Shortlisted for the German Der LovelyBooks Leserpreis 2019


Charlotte is too young to be a widow, too young to loose her loved one. In her lost state she takes a break from her successful business and seeks for peace and quiet on the countryside. But one day she receives an unexpected notice, she has inherited a house in London from an aunt she barely knew existed. And the building is housing a bookshop.

Determined to sell the house Charlotte flies to England, where the bookshop on Riverside is nearly bankrupted and the eccentric staff seems beyond rescue. But even though Charlotte doesn't know a thing about running a bookshop she soon feels a connection to the reluctant staff.

Whilst Charlotte struggles to rescue the bookshop she realizes that something isn't right. How come she never met her aunt? And what dark secrets are hidden in the house?

The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a warm, charming and hopeful Feelgood novel about how a house full of books, a random group of strangers and a bitter old male cat can help someone start a new chapter in life.


444  pages




"The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a really charming story about love and sorrow, seasoned with entertaining literary references. Absolutely Frida Skybäck’s best novel yet! The characters are believable, endearing and colourful enough to catch the reader’s attention. The London scenery is beautifully described and Frida Skybäck’s ability to illustrate a bookshop filled with enchanting reading experiences that have been lost in time is one of the main strengths of the book. To everyone that loves to read this is like finding a hidden treasure. In addition, there are many other pleasant features that enhances the reading experience: a shop cat, coffee and great cakes, antique furniture and, of course, all of the books."

-Johanna Wistedt, reviewer Amelia


"Adorably good and with a completely original twist. About sisterhood, betrayal and finding a place to heal."


"For everyone who loves to read this book was like finding a hidden treasure chest. There are so many nice details that enhances the reading experience such as: a cat, coffee, cookies, antique furniture and of course all the books inside the bookshop. The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a charming story about both love and grief and spiced with entertaining references from the literary world." 4/5

- Johannas deckarhörna, book blog


"The Bookshop on Riverside Drivereally is a book to crawl up in the sofa with. It has many features that make you love it: wonderful literary references, a cat with an attitude, cosy scenery, books, romance and interesting relationships.

All book lovers will fall for this beautiful novel."

-Boktokig, Eva Boström


"The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a feel-good novel that will get all anglophiles and book geeks going, a book that inspires both travelling and reading and that makes you dream about inheriting a bookshop in London."

-I Hyllan, Book blog


"Wow! Feel good in a bookshop setting can never go wrong! I just love The Bookshop on Riverside Drive! Delightful scenery and great characters. 6 out of 6 stars."



"Oh, what a cosy book Frida Skybäck has written! England, books, a bookshop, friendship and love … could it get any better?"

-Boklusens bokblogg


"What lovely reading this was! A real cosy feel good that takes place in a bookshop in London, only that is wonderful! It’s an exciting story that alternates between the past and the present, filled with secrets, love and several delightful characters and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more contemporary novels from Frida."

-Books by Tess


"A charming and well-written novel about tough decisions, relationships, friends and the longing to find your roots. If you like Nora Robert’s novels about proactive and industrious women and movies like You’ve got Mail and Notting Hill this is a book for you."
-Agneta Norrgård, reviewer at SVT’s Go'kväll


"A completely wonderful book for anglophiles and book lovers, a real page-turner."

-Hanneles bokparadis


"I love Frida Skybäck’s earlier historical novels, but she masters other genres too. This is a really cosy book about my favourite things – books, love and secrets. Absolutely 5 out of 5."



"A book with the word bookshop in its title makes you hope for a reading experience out of the ordinary and I was certainly not disappointed! The language is good and the plot constantly moves forward. I quickly discovered that The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a real feel-good-novel that you are more than happy to read in one go, lying on your sofa with a big pot of tea. I really feel the joy, warmth, friendship and love develop between the characters of the book. This will probably be a novel that I take the time to read again (which I rarely do due to lack of time!) because it’s simply that good and a great pleasure to read. This is exactly what a feel good novel should be like when it’s really, really good."

- Romance på svenska


"This book gives me Kate Morton-vibes. I read most of it in one go, it was really hard to stop once I started. The chapters are of a good length and invites to more reading. The characters are alive and even if they make mistakes you feel for them.

As a book nerd it’s a great plus with all the book tips and glimpses from an authors’ life and some of them really make me smile!

The Bookshop on Riverside Driveis an incredibly warm and delightful story that I really recommend!"

 -Vargnatts bokhylla


"I have read the author’s previous, historical novels, but she clearly masters contemporary writing as well. The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a cosy book that immediately caught me. It’s real feel-good-reading to sink down in your sofa with and follow Charlotte into her world. It’s easy to read, romantic and charming!"

Villivonkan’s books 


"I like Charlotte, the realism in her upbringing, who she is and how she thinks and reacts in different situations, she becomes so real. When I read this book I feel like I’m there, in the bookshop. Frida Skybäck is great at painting a picture and the book is really easy to read. I want to know why Charlotte never got to meet her aunt and how everything is going to end!"



"I heard so many great things about this novel and I can only concur with the tributes. Already from the very beginning I get that cosy feeling of a really great feelgood story. Frida Skybäck has captured the same atmosphere and humour that so often occur in British and Irish novels. And she has done it in the most natural way, without any strain or exaggeration. On the contrary, this is a well-written, charming and cosy book with amiable characters. It contains everything that a great feelgood should have: humour, some obstacles, a dash of sorrow and a marvellous ending. The fact that it also includes London, books, a wonderful bookshop, friendship and cake makes it irresistible.

I really love The Bookshop on Riverside Drive and I wish it existed in real life, then I would visit it straight away! This is a really wonderful feelgood novel and I’m in such a good mood after reading it! 5 out of 5."

 -Bina’s Books


"Frida Skybäck has succeeded in doing something that I have been missing for a long time – to write a feelgood novel that actually IS feelgood. It probably helps that it takes place in London (England has a feelgood-vibe) and that it is well written and interesting. Not only is it filled with love for literature, but it also has great characters and the side story about how Charlotte’s mother and aunt first came to England is pretty exciting. In addition the story offers both tears and laughter. At one point I even had to get out my Kleenex as the tears were streaming – then I know I have really been touched by a story."

-What you readin?/Mrs E