The Book Cabinet Secret (Bokskåpets hemlighet)

Frida Skybäck


Rights sold

Denmark: Cicero

Finland: WSOY

Germany: Insel

Norway: Gyldendal

Sweden: LB Förlag

The Czech Republic: Dobrosvky

Russia: Exmo


Film & Tv Rights: There Goes Lucy


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In grandma’s worn down cottage, hidden away in an old book cabinet, Rebecka finds a diary and a stack of letters dating from the 1940’s and soon realises that her family history is more complicated than she could ever have imagined. What dark secrets has her beloved grandma Anna been hiding all these years?
Rebecka has escaped her broken family situation and not seen her mother for a long time, but when her grandma ends up in the hospital, Rebecka reluctantly returns to her hometown in the south of Sweden. In the letters and the diary a story from World War Two comes alive. Young Anna is in love with Luca and ready to risk everything when he asks her to help smuggle Danish Jews over the sound, unaware that the action will change their lives forever.

As Rebecka reads, she begins to understand that she is not the only one who needs to reconcile with her past. But is there still time for the family to find their way back to each other?

The Book Cabinet Secret is a gripping and hopeful story about how to move past the grief of tragedy and love so great that it creates waves throughout history.



269 pages



"What stands out in Skybäck’s latest novels is the incredible ability to combine depth and accessibility. This is an extinguishing feature in The Book Cabinet Secret as well. With great instinct and perception the author paints characters, atmosphere and emotions that are all spot on. The story combines escapism and realism and doesn’t shy away from depicting despair and passionate love during World War Two and in present time. With this book Skybäck proves that she is our uncrowned Feelgood Queen. 5/5”.  - Johanna Wistedt, Amelia


"A wonderful and rich story with all the ingredients for a proper Feelgood novel" - Expressen


"The Book Cabinet Secret is an intense, eventful and warm story about love, destiny and courage. The two parallel stories are skilfully woven together into a well written feelgood novel that you shouldn’t miss.” - BTJ, Library review, no 17

"The more I read the more I’m drawn in. It’s like I never want to stop reading. Skybäck is a skilful author who is in completely control of the language … a genius when it comes to historical love novels. 5/5.” – Bokfiii, book blog

"One of the best books of the year! This goes directly to my top list. The book captures me and is hard to put down … Skybäck has an amazing ability to bring her characters to life and skilfully weaves together the present and the past. Well written and captivating … Skybäck doesn’t disappoint.” - Dom kallar henne Tess, book blog

"What an amazing book you have written, Frida Skybäck! I usually don’t read this genre but I am mesmerized by your books and The Book Cabinet Secret is the best so far. Run and buy it is my message for everyone!” - Cilla Ingeborg, book blog

"This novel is so great and exciting that I never wanted it to end. I give it 5/ 5." - Sofia Hjort, book blog

”A new masterpiece by Frida Skybäck … It’s beautiful, sad, funny and it really makes you think … 5/5.” - Marias bokhylla, book blog

"I just have one thing to say: Read and relish. Maximum score – again.” - Boklusens hemsida, book blog

"Once again Skybäck has written a page-turner that captures the reader on the first page. She aptly mixes past and present and it’s clear that she has spent a lot of time doing research.” – Frusvessosbokhylla, book blog

"I devoured The Book Cabinet Secret. I was immediately sucked into the plot and I couldn’t stop reading until all the pieces had fallen into place … 5/5. Read it!! - Annsofi skrivliv, book blog

"Now I have read the last page of this incredibly beautiful and emotional book. Wow! The tears have streamed, I have laughed and felt warmth. The wings of history and the love that permeates the pages really touched me. This, my friends, deserves a maximum score." -Millimys books, book blog

"A well written book that I couldn’t put down. It’s exciting, sad and lovely. I appreciate the depth of the story … Skybäck manages to avoid all clichés and she has written a book that isn’t just a fantastic read but that also makes you reflect on the meaning of the phrase moral courage.” - Micaelas böcker, book blog

”The book gets 5/5 from me. I absolutely love it! It is a beautiful story that has so much, history, relationships, passionate love, and even book tips! It is a real page-turner and you wont get any sleep until you have finished it … This is feelgood at it’s very best. I warmly recommend it – it’s a must-read!” - Böcker och drömmar, book blog

”A really good novel that makes an impression. A book you will remember for a long time. A book that stands out from all the rest. A book that will make you laugh and cry. A book that brings up important topics. A book that you never want to end … Skybäck is one of the brightest stars on the feelgood sky … I really love her books. If you haven’t read them yet – do it right now!” - Sofia’s Books, book blog

”I really love this book … it’s a true page-turner. I love the mix of feelgood and depth. The novel is cosy and full of love, but it also has another layer … I’m so touched by The Book Cabinet Secret that I never want it to end. 5/5.” - Ett litet kapitel, book blog

”I really like Skybäck’s way to write, she adds a depth to the story that makes it more than just a feelgood … Despite the sadness and gravity the book leaves me with a happy feeling and the characters are warm and carefully depicted, which makes them come alive.” – Bokuniversum, book blog

”Skybäck has an amazing ability to paint pictures with words ... which creates a wholeness that engages me … The Book Cabinet Secret really touched me on a deeper level … You almost can’t believe this is based on a true story. I give it 5/5.” - Evas boktankar, book blog

”Wow, what a wonderful novel!! Skybäck has written yet another book that is hard to put down … I love the structure of the story … it creates a presence and closeness … The story touches me and I feel with the characters. This is a gem!! So beautiful, so sad. 5/5.” - En kopp och en bok, book blog

”I need another word besides feelgood when I describe the feelings I get reading Skybäck’s novel. She depicts love, family and friendship in a devout and heartfelt way. What I love most about this novel is the amazing characters … they really left a mark on me. 4/5.”  -Bokstavligt talat, book blog

”A novel that does not disappoint. But you do need a handkerchief at the end …” – Wastehunter, book blog

"Skybäck’s new books is a thousand percent pleasure. It’s not just a story about relationships, but also about Sweden during World War Two and how the resistance smuggled Jewish immigrant over Öresund … A crystal clear recommendation.” -, book blog

"This novel is both strong and delicate.” – Boksann, book blog


"A real knock out... it leaves me with tears of joy and sorrow" - Therese Lundblad, instagram