Dream's Road

Jenny Fagerlund

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Finland: HarperCollins Nordic/ Silk

Germany: HarperCollins / Mira

Norway: HarperCollins Nordic/Silk

Sweden: HarperCollins Nordic/Silk


The Journalist Rebecka is a capable woman, she has to be. Her work at the daily is demanding and steals all her time and energy. At the same time she has a family that needs her a lot! She is hoping on making a career but every time she thinks about it she gets filled with feelings for guilt towards the children and the husband. It is like she is never enough. And the way she rushes through the days, she hasn’t been very observant. For one thing it will take her some time to understand what exactly the grandmother has left her with, what was hiding in the seemingly humble and in ways mysterious gift she inherits.


An old love from her teenage-years shows up at her work. And on the same time her husband has been really annoyed at her failing role as a mother and wife, all she has fought for is under a big threat. An anonymous tip to the daily will come to give Rebecka’s career a lift she could never have dreamed of.


Dream’s Road is a cosy read; romantic, suspensful and shows what it means to stand up for oneself to follow one’s heart and dare to believe in love. Entertained and totally absorbed the reader is given a safe ride through the tumultuous life and adventures of Rebecka. A young women being forced to find out what exactly is her life's right components.


320 pages




Dream’s Road is a well-written and captivating novel that really moved me. I catch myself thinking about how everything went down for the main character Rebecka every once in a while. It’s a perfect book for those who wants to be inspired to follow your heart and dreams. Once you start reading it’s hard to put the book down. I truly hope there will be a second book soon!


- Jessica Lagergren - blogger and creator of Tvillingpodden



At first I didn’t think this would be a book for me, but WOW was I wrong - I really liked it and it caused a lot of feelings to come up to the surface. The book made me happy, it made my stomach turn, it made me mad and annoyed at the same time that it was so exciting that I just had to continue reading. I love books like this that invites me into the storytelling. A major thanks to Jenny for giving me the opportunity to read this goldpiece. 5 out of 5


- Bokraden - blogg



A nice debut novel in the romance/ chicklit-genre. Quick and entertaining story.


- Chicklitrevolution - Blogg


Reviews from some of the German readers:


"Here we have a really charming debut novel from an author from Sweden...I liked the writing style of the author. The novel has a wonderful feel and also contains a great load of feelings and one learns that one should also share more positive experiences with one's family."


Bücherfansite, book blog Germany



"This book fascinated me from the first page so that I could not put it away and read without a break to the end..." 5/5

Bücherwurm, Amazon



"Jenny Fagerlund has written a wonderful story whose writing style immediately inspired me... Every wife and mother who is employed will find a little guide in this book, because we all know how it is to be torn between family and work, and the author manages to reflect that with her writing, without raising the warning finger... A great summer romance, which will remain long in my heart" 5/5

P & K D, Amazon