One Secret Too Many

Jenny Fagerlund


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When Anna's partner, Fred, dies, she realizes that their life together was based on a lie. The large flat on Strandvägen is mortgaged to the max, as are the cars and all properties abroad. In addition, Fred has taken Anna's savings and she is both broke and without a home.

After falling to the bottom, Anna learns that there is a place she can live in. It is run down and the previous tenant, a dog daycare, has left it in a hurry but Anna has no choice but to try to adapt to the new situation .

She gets to know several of the neighbors and starts taking care of three dogs that make her days less lonely. But even though Anna tries to start over, it's impossible when several things happen that mean she has to deal with her past and the life she lived with Fred once and for all. Soon she also realizes that Fred wasn't the only one with secrets...

Is there actually a secret too much?


This is the first part in the new series "Secrets at Gärdet" which takes place in Stockholm

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Coming soon - release May 2024