While Life Goes On (Medan livet pågår)

Jenny Fagerlund

Medan livet pågår.indd

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Denmark: Cicero

Norway: Gyldendal

Sweden: Norstedts




While Life Goes On is a warm feelgood novel about alienation, difficult life decisions and betrayal, but also about friendship, love and about daring to let new people into your life.

Julia is completely satisfied with life. She has a job she loves and the co-ownership she's been waiting for is within reach. When she is involved in an accident, everything changes and life is put on hold.

Without the context she is used to, she struggles to find the right side of life and the last thing she wants is to let new people into her life. But when Agnes - a stubborn and slightly annoying neighbor - appears, it doesn't take long until she has managed to nestle into Julia's life. But everything is not as simple as Agnes wants it to sound, and life comes with more surprises than Julia has anticipated.

Secrets and old truths come to light and once and for all Julia must deal with her past and what she has been running from for so long. Can she, together with Agnes and the new people in her life, sort out the mess she's gotten herself into?


282 pages




"This is a charming story about friendship across age lines and how superficial acquaintances can have great significance in life. Of course, love also has its given place in history. The language is straight and simple and the characters well described. A thought-provoking book with many questions about friendship, trust, alienation and enjoying yourself."  BTJ library services no 8 2023