Northern Lights (Norrsken)

Frida Skybäck


Rights sold

Denmark: Gyldendal

Sweden: Historiska Media (Forum - hardcover edition)



Northern Lights is the first novel in a series of historical romances. Three sisters, Cecilia, Amelie and Elisabeth all share the same upbringing. Cecilia is the head-strong older sister, Amelie, the flagrant youngster and Elisabeth is the caring and compassionate middle-sister. Their lives drastically take different turns when they reach marriable age. We will follow the sisters of the noble family Stiernfors on Rosenlund’s manor in the southest part of Sweden, Skåne. Like a modern Jane Austen Frida Skybäck portrays the three sisters and their loves, joys and problems during the mid 1800's.


The oldest sister, Cecilia returns home from an unpleasant and strange journey to a place she is not supposed to talk about or even mention to anyone. She has been away with her mother and returning to the mansion they bring a newborn baby, a boy, and it is said to be Cecilia’s new little brother. But Cecilia is more than a sister to Benjamin. She has done something unforgivable and she is now destined to marry a man the family has chosen for her, someone willing to cover up her misery; the noble man Jacques Rosseau. Her dreams about a life with the love of her life – Ludvig – and future as a writer is long gone.


Like a modern Jane Austen Frida Skybäck portrays the three sisters and their loves, joys and problems. The upper class and lower class and the women’s role and rules are realistically described.


The book is an evocative and poignant depiction of a young 1800's woman's limited ability to determine their own lives. A romantic drama for all who love Downton Abbey and the Bronte sisters.


314 pages



"The plot is brilliant … Northern Lights is a must for everyone who likes historical novels."

Bokbloggen Holavedsbrudar


"It doesn’t lack mystery nor suspension ... I want more!"

Mias bokhörna, blog


"Once you’ve started reading this series you just can’t stop."

Boklysten, blog


"Gripping, interesting and captivating!!!"

Jennies boklista


"It’s with great empathy that Frida Skybäck describes the lives of the three sisters ... I can’t wait for the next book."

Marlenes bokblogg


"It's sad, it's strong, and so, so good!"



"The plot is brilliant... Northern Lights is a must for fans of novels set in our country's past."

Bokbloggen Holavedsbrudar


"A book to recommend to anyone who wants a really good novel about unrequited love and bygone history.

Johannas deckarhörna


"You want to read something easy to digest but still a bit complex and perhaps even with dark streaks. You want to have a story that is well written, historical and depicts women conscious of their vulnerability. Complicated family relationships, love and entanglements. You are not afraid to throw yourself into a series that have not yet been published with all parts. Is it so I absolutely think you should read Frida Skybäck’s latest book Northern Lights."