If You Were Mine

Christina Erikson

om du var min

Rights sold

Denmark: Cicero

Finland: Minerva

Sweden: Bookmark

Norway: Gyldendal








Svartå, 1782, sixteen-year-old Christina has grandiose ambitions for the manor her father is building outside Örebro. Although she is sent to Stockholm to be introduced at court and find a suitable husband, it is for the horses and the mason's son Gustaf that her heart burns.

In Stockholm, Christina is drawn into the intrigues surrounding the king and his sister, at the same time a feud between Svartå's steward and Gustaf's father is discovered, which has devastating consequences. Who can Christina really trust?

If You Were Mine is the first part in the story of the women who rule Svartå manor. The suite, which spans 250 years, tells of women's tireless struggle for love and the right to rule over their own lives - from the end of the 18th century right up to modern times. It is a story of sky-rocketing love, female cunning and power play in the upper echelons of society.


Part 1 in The Women of Black River Manor Suite 


347 pages




Release Fall 2023