Born on a Sunday (Född på en Söndag)

PK Englund


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Norway: Silke
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Turkey: Bence Kitap

It's early morning and with great care and precision a breakfast is being prepared. Under the sheets She lies waiting. She with a capital S. She with the strawberry colored lips and soft facial, yet asleep. The coffee should be just warm enough, if you use the rag rugs to walk on, your feet won’t patter to the floor so that she wakes up and when she wakes up, well, then you have no idea what kind of day it may be. One thing is certain, if he makes any single small mistake it can become a day of misery. But other than that, this is still the perfect Sunday morning.


In Born on a Sunday we meet Jarl Engman, both as a boy and as an adult and successful brand consultant at a large PR agency. He has created a world of his own which is a continuation of a remarkable childhood and an even stranger upbringing first along with a diva and neurotic mother, and then with one of the mother's dumped boyfriends in a small town in the 70's.


In Jarl's world everything since childhood has revolved around Tintin's adventures and the other character in the Tintin albums. Tintin, old construction worker, the football club Stoke City and the mezzo-soprano Maria Callas make out the fragile thread that holds together a fragile excistence.


One day, the agency gets an odd customer with an equally odd person to work with: The Royal Opera House and the 24-year-old newcomer singing bird Hanna Kjöle. Jarl Engman's assignment is to support the young star whose self-confidence and mood is lousy. He'll build her brand, a seemingly attractive and harmless task.


He never considers the chance that emotions could enter the picture, and soon Jarl finds that work and private life merge. The unlikely path to success for Hanna Kjöle, ties together the past ant the present.


With the ambition to write as entertaining as possible PK Englund wants to talk  about how one repeats one’s parents' mistakes, one’s own mistakes and the tragicomic in that one - without realizing it - re-creates the misery one may think one have fled. A story and a childhood picture that draws references to the novel and the movie My Life as a Dog and novels like Simon and the Oaks by Marianne Fredriksson.


500 pages






"Voted this years childhood depiction, 2016"

Damernas värld



"The best debut of the year."

Året Runt


"What a debut he performs PK Englund!

Born on a Sunday is the journalist's first book and it is totally fantastic. It has been described as a new My Life as a Dog and we can only agree. It is a deeply touching novel with a childhood depiction beyond the ordinary, it is written with such sensitivity that it brings you to tears, fear, happiness, surprise and enormously impressed."



"Probably the most amusing book you will read this year."

Marie Petersson. Böckernas Klubb


"Someone compared Born on a Sunday with the novel and movie My Life as a Dog. And that feels right. It is warm, hilarious, touching, heartbreaking and sometimes scary! Simply very good, or to put it straight - wonderful!"

Bonnier Book Club’s Chief Editor


"A novel that beats out all others I have read in a long time. It tells of affectionate love in everyday life, of feelings that outpaced and diminished egoism and nothingness, and saved a little bedwetting guy and brought him to safety. And it’s done in a language so authentic that it takes the breath out of you. With all my heart I hope that both the Nordic Council’s jury and the jury for the August Prize reads Born on a Sunday, because this is a novel way beyond the ordinary."

Norrköpings Tidningar


"Overall, the plot is exciting and there is a desire to continue reading. But what really touches me in this book are the parts with Sten, he smells Old Spice and he is always there. They are Tintin and Captain Haddock, Sten and Jalle - a natural duo who stick together. The friendship between the two is what warms as well as hurts me. It is the friendship that touches me so deeply that tears flow down my face. Thad doesn't happen often, but it is a proof that the author has done a really good job."

Nerikes Allehanda


"This may well be our new long-awaited national writer. Our new Fogelström, Delblanc, Ivar-Lo. Englund has accomplished something as rare as a true novel."



"Born on a Sunday is a warm and well-written novel that makes me cry, but also points out that life can be good if I meet people with good hearts. I really liked Born on a Sunday. I give it a strong 4 of 5. I hope to find more novels from Englund. This one awoke my appetite for more."

Hultgrens Bokhandels blogg


"Born on a Sunday is released in May. Don’t miss it. It really is very good."



"I’am impressed. Shaken. The novel opens my eyes for people around me, I look at them with new eyes. This is something so unique; an entertaining novel, written with ease and a dash of wild madness, about something as painful as narcissism. About trying to survive relations where everything is all about the other person."