King of Hogs (Svinakungen)

Bettina Bieberstein Lee

2022-09-21 14.48.09

Rights sold

Sweden: WAPI/Gyldendal

Journalist Hanna Axelsdotter has received a residence grant and is spending the summer in a fishing hut on the farm Grimstanäs in the Sörmland archipelago. Finally, she will have time to get started on her writing project and get to the bottom of who her biological father really is. But soon her attention is increasingly drawn to the couple who own the farm and their fifteen-year-old son, Elias. Erika and Frank have taken over the farm from Erika's father, who still lives in a cottage on the property. The desire for the move was a fresh start – Elias needed to get away from the bullies in Nynäshamn and the parents fulfill their dream of selling wild hogs safaris to foreign tourists. But not everyone takes a positive view of the fact that Erika has taken over the farm and the neighbors are protesting that the wild boar tribe is destroying the land. When a young hunt leader, Freja, moves into the farm, Frank takes a liking to her - and the problems pile up more and more. Until the day Hanna finds Elias lifeless outside. What really happened to him?




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