The Thirteenth Disciple

Christina Erikson


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Finland: Bookbeat

Sweden: Albert Bonnier







A man stumbles into the police station in Oskarshamn, covered in someone else’s blood but with memory loss. Not far from the station a corpse is found in the woods. Elias Svensson and his colleagues from the police office in Stockholm are called in. They soon discover connections to a health resort, where clients range from the upper class to the dregs of society.

Author Cornelia Lind is brought in to assist the police by profiling psychopathic behavior while trying her best to balance her chaotic private life. Her expertise within the group is to catch what the others miss.

The police will be reminded of the repercussions that the misuse of power can have on the people involved. Once again, a mysterious someone assists them in their chase.


Pages 391




"This is a particularly skillful written novel with parallel stories and sorrowful life fates that depicts how miss-use of power, greed, drugs, fanatic religious views and contempt can destroy lives.” – BTJ, library reviewer, no 16 2020


"Christina Erikson might just be one of the strongest crime writers we have in the world of suspenseful Scandi crime! The third book in this series The Thirteenth Disciple is SPOT ON. 5 out of 5." - Deckartips, book blog


“I really liked the previous book by the author THE RISING DARK but Christina Erikson has outdone herself with this book! It’s apparent that the author has her own solid knowledge about psychopaths and how people with psychopathic behavior use their lack of empathy and conscience to control others. 5 out of 5.” – Anna Vellet, @paddan75, Instagram



Reviews on the previous book in the series 

"The Rising Dark is an extremely well written Swedish crime novel, sort of like Silence of the Lambs in a Stockholm environment. The suspense is excruciating." - btj, the Librarians reviewer


"It is and initiated and credible depiction of how psychopaths act to manipulate." - Borås magazine


‘Sharp, well-written and totally addictive!’  — Nina De Geer, author


‘A great plot, fascinating characters and a perfect basis for a new
series’ — Kerstin Bergman, Borås Tidning


"Crime‐writing queen Christina Erikson continues to explore and investigate the evil mind of the psychopath in the second novel about DI Elias Svensson and author Cornelia Lind" -  Östersunds‐Posten


"Wow, what an amazing book! Christina Erikson has done it again...It’s incredibly well written and chilling, and I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series. If you haven’t read this one yet, do so right now! You won’t be disappointed." - Deckarhyllan