Katarina Wilk


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Sweden: Saga Egmont


Nominated at the Storytel Audio Book Awards for best YA book in 2018! 


Best friends, decisions about high school, love, parties… Life is just as it should be for a teenage girl in Stockholm, but when Smilla Goldman turns 15 years old everything starts to change for her. She gets discovered by a modelling agency. All of a sudden, she has access to a world of possibilities. Luxurious trips, exclusive parties, expensive clothes. She receives a lot of attention, both IRL and online. It seems as if she has ended up in Paradise. Although the more engaged in she becomes with the glamorous world, the more apparent the true cost of success will be to Smilla.


Audiobook & E-book 

3hrs & 168 pages


Reader's reviews: 


"With tears in my eyes I awaited the last few minutes. I saw everything through Smilla's perspective. Such a good book! 4/5" - Therese Sköldehammar