GLOW - Your Ultimate Guide to an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

Maria Borelius and Rita Catolino

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Do you long for more strength, better health and more glow?


In GLOW - Your Ultimate Guide to an Anti-Inflammatory LifestyleFood-Movement-Stillness-Self Guidance, you get solid step-by-step support for your best health journey. Science journalist Maria Borelius and transformation coach Rita Catolino guides you to the fitness professionals' best tips, researcher's latest insights. Mixed with their own lessons learned from both success and setbacks.


This is the modern health bible, the complete anti-inflammatory program. Diet for go and glow, the movements that will make you feel brand new, and the stillness for pause and de-stressing. And the techniques to lead yourself forward, even on days when life is messy.


A wonderful, sometimes challenging and always life-giving program, which supports you to shine brightly in your life.


There's always a new chance and yours starts now!


270 pages