Enberg Agency  is a Stockholm based literary and film agency  and was founded in January 2016, so it is fairly new.  Although the agent is not new to the business.

Maria Enberg has worked in the book business  for 30 years and most of the time as an agent. At Albert Bonnier Publishing House, with Bengt Nordin Agency, the first independent agency in Sweden. And for eight years she was part owner and founder of Grand Nordic Agency.

In January 2016 Enberg Agency saw the light. With a never ending love to the written word, and books in particular, Enberg Agency will work with a broad variety of literature. Through carefully selected from the Swedish rich well of brilliant writers. Novels, crime and thrillers, fantasy, horror, romance, feel-good and non-fiction. All with a clear potential to travel and appeal to readers around the world. Special focus is set on crime and thrillers, a strong womens' list and non-fiction with the indisputable experts in different subjects. Entertaining titles with high quality.

The writers are the best within their different genres. Enberg Agency is working closely with the authors. At all stages of their careers. It is a very special feeling to be part of the birth of a new literary voice. The aim is to nurture unique voices in all genres, always looking for new literary talent.

Within the agency are a number of authors where the cooperation has been going on for many years. One of the strong reasons to have an independent agent. You will more likely have a long lasting relation. With the intention to share good reads and amazing stories, books that could make a change I hope our paths will cross and that we find a joyful project to work together on.

It could be a book or a film or a theatre play, or why not one of my favourites; listen to this - an audio book!

All well,

Maria Enberg