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White Crypt & Cracks in the Earth

By Mariette Lindstein

Sold to Blanvalet, Germany

Anna Holm Series - 4 books 

By Birgitta Bergin

Sold to Bookbeat, Finland


Surrounded by Narcissists

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to Poetika, Croatia


The Vineyard for Wild Dreams

By Caroline Säfstrand

Sold to Alpha, Denmark


Surrounded by Narcissists

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to Gyldendal, Norway


Surrounded by Bad Bosses

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to Ucila, Slovenia

Sold in co-operation with Andrew Nurnberg Associates


omgiven av dåliga chefer

Small Apartment With Potential & In the Shade of the Fig Tree

By Camilla Davidsson

Sold to Into Kustannus, Finland

The Beginning of Something New

By Jenny Fagerlund 

Sold to Cicero, Denmark


The Beginning of Something New

By Jenny Fagerlund 

Sold to Gyldendal, Norway


Surrounded by Psychopaths

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to Aser El-Kotob, Egypt


Small Apartment With Potential

By Camilla Davidsson

Sold to Aschehoug, Norway

Sunshine and Parmigiano

By Christoffer Holst

Sold to Eksmo, Russia


11/ 05/ 2021

The US release for Surrounded by Bad Bosses is getting closer and Publishers Weekly just posted their review:

“[An] encouraging treatise … The dual focus on both employee and manager separates this from the pack.” / Publishers Weekly


Release in the US by St Martin's Essentials on July 13th.

Read the full review here


05/ 05/ 2021

Today we have the great honor and joy to officially give a warm welcome to a new author at Enberg Agency - Maria Borelius. Our house guru when it comes to guiding us through the anti inflammatory lifestyle. Borelius is an award winning science journalist, biologist, podcaster and author of a range of books. We will soon reveal her latest book that will be published by Bonnier Fakta this fall in Sweden. But for now we just want to wish you welcome Maria - we're proud to be working with you and SO excited!

On submission to publishers soon!

27/ 04/ 2021

Today we're making a collaboration official with a new authorship at Enberg Agency – debutant Jacob Lindfors. With his military thriller THE WINTER PACK set in the woods in the North of Sweden during harsh conditions. He has created an emotional read with a character driven story that is packed with sharp twists and staggering suspense.

We start out strong with film rights already sold on option - to whom is to be announced shortly. The book is published at Piratförlaget in Sweden and three books are planned in the series.

We are extremely happy to give a warm Welcome to Jacob to the Enberg Agency family - we can't wait to share the material with you!

On Submission to publishers now.

15/ 04/ 2021

We are very happy to announce a new authorship at Enberg Agency – with the feeling that we get to contribute with a story that is life changing we wish to give a warm welcome to Katarina Mannheimer Ahlström.

Katarina has a doctorate in clinical social work and currently works as a writer, hypnotherapist, psychodynamic therapist, meditation leader and lecturer in psychology and personal development. In 2020, Katarina suffered from breast cancer. In her forthcoming narrative non-fiction I Will Get Through This, she gives us a very personal and informative handbook about a journey through illness. We are extremely proud to be able to start this collaboration. Welcome Katarina!


On Submission to Swedish publishers soon!


02/ 02/ 2021

Ingemar's Awakening written by Mikael Bergstrand and Villa Sea Breeze written by Caroline Säfstrand is both Nominated for "Best Audiobook 2020" in the Novel category at the Mofibo Awards in Denmark!


And Sweet Red Summer Dreams Written by Christoffer Holst is nominated for best novel in the Romance Category


1/ 02/ 2021

Enberg Agency is proud to announce that the following five titles from our agency's authors are Shortlisted at this year's Storytel Awards 2021 - Congratulations to:


Women's fiction category:

Birgitta Bergin for HAPPY DAMN CHRISTMAS

Christoffer Holst for SUNSHINE AND PARMIGIANO 

Jenny Fagerlund for MY SECRET LIFE 



Gabriella Ullberg Westin for ONE SINGLE BREATH



Andreas Slätt & the Karlsson-Dahlén family for THE KEVIN CASE



Click here to place your votes in each category!

28/ 01/ 2021

SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS written by Thomas Erikson is UK’s number 1 bestselling personal development title of 2020!

29/ 11/ 2020

We would like to give a warm official welcome to the Enberg Agency Family to two new authors - Ulrica Norberg and Carina Nunstedt. They have written a book together that we are proud and excited to represent. Soon we will have more info to share - we can't wait!