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The First Time I Saw You

by Anna Lönnqvist

Sold to Cappelen Damm, Norway

The First Time I Saw You

by Anna Lönnqvist

Sold to Insel, Germany

Six Substances (High on Life) 

by David JP Phillips

Sold to Litera, Romania

Your Hidden Motives 

by Angela Ahola

Sold to Sanage, India (English language edition)

The Badger 

by Fredrik P Winter

Sold to Viva Books, Vietnam

The Oyster Diver's Secret

by Caroline Säfstrand

Sold to Obuolys, Lithuania

Under the Stars of the Milkyway

by Camilla Davidsson 

Sold to Ambo Anthos, The Netherlands

Let me Tell you Everything

by Caroline Säfstrand

Sold to Bastion, Norway

28/ 11/ 2023

We're so proud to announce that we have become Industry Winner of the Year for the second year in a row!

Industry Winners in Sweden AB annually appoints the companies that receive the Industry Winner award based on the previous year's financial statements. An Industry Winner is a company that has surpassed its own industry's development in both turnover and results. The company must also show a positive result. The average is calculated once a year and is based on all companies within the industry in question. On average, only 11.7% of Sweden's limited companies will be awarded the award in 2023. The industry division is based on the companies' SNI code*.
* SNI stands for Swedish Industry Classification and is based on the EU standard, NACE Rev.

01/ 11/ 2023

We would like to warmly welcome Johannes Cullberg to Enberg Agency!

Johannes Cullberg is a certified nutrition and health coach and serial entrepreneur who founded the food chain Paradiset. He also runs one of Sweden's most popular Instagram accounts within diet and health. After more than two decades of leading positions in the international food and health industry, Johannes Cullberg has a unique insight into these industries. Johannes has a passion for helping people to better health by explaining complex issues in a simple way.

With his company Re:You, he wants to improve public health and in 2023 he won the "Change Maker of the Year" award, which goes to a person who is brave and acts from the heart. Really makes changes. Challenges old truths. Contributing together to create a better world.

His book Re:claim Power of your Health in 12 Weeks has been on the top list in Sweden since its release. And we've made plans for more books. On submission soon!

Welcome to the agency family Johannes!