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The Billionaire

By Thomas Erikson

Sold to HarperCollins Holland

The Billionaire

By Thomas Erikson

Sold to Jarir, Saudia Arabia

The World From Above

by Anna Lönnqvist 

Sold to Palatium, Denmark

Six Substances

by David JP Phillips

Sold to Ikar, Slovakia

Planeta, Spain

Kinneret, Israel

Zvaigzne, Latvia

As Life Goes By 

by  Jenny Fagerlund

Sold to Gummerus, Finland

The Last Advent Calendar

by  Jenny Fagerlund

Sold to Gummerus, Finland

The Oyster Diver's Secret

by Caroline Säfstrand

Sold to Amazon Crossing, USA

Six Substances

by David JP Phillips

Sold to Diyojen, Turkey

Your Hidden Motives

by Angela Ahola

Sold to Jarir Bookstore, Saudi Arabia

Six Substances

by David JP Phillips

Sold to Droemer Knaur, Germany

Lua De Papel, Portugal

Jarir Bookstore, Arabic

Citic Press, China

Sextante, Brazil

Atlas Contact, Netherlands

Hugo Publishing, France

Ping Publishing, Taiwan

BETA, Czech Republic


by Ulrica Norberg 

Sold to Scolar, Hungary

Surrounded by Idiots

By Thomas Erikson

Language rights Sold to India

Sanage Publishing:  Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Gujrati

Goel Prakashan Publishing: Marathi

Silver Falls series book 1 & 2

by  Amanda Hellberg

Sold to S. Fischer, Germany

Surrounded by Narcissists 

By Thomas Erikson

Sold to Koridor, Turkey

Let me Tell you Everything

by Caroline Säfstrand

Sold to Blanvalet, Germany

A Deadly Catch

by  Christoffer Holst

Sold to WSOY, Finland

11/ 09/ 2023

The Oyster Diver's Secret written by Caroline Säfstrand is Awarded FeelGood of the Year at the Feelgood Festival 2023. The event was held on September 9th.

Jury's motivation: "A story that the reader wants to move into to be part of when relationships are built up across generations and when neighbourhood fences are torn down. Tenderly, the author allows the characters to open their inner shells to find budding friendships and new paths in life. We are reminded that even the lightest literature can have a healing power and teach us something about ourselves. An elaborate novel with a fine gallery of characters portraits that surprises and takes us to both spiritual and real shores by an ever-present sea."


20/ 02/ 2023

The public's votes are in - Enberg Agency has two finalists in the Storytel Awards 2022 - the Gala will be held on March 22nd and now it's up to the jury to decide - fingers crossed for;


BEFORE THE DAWN by author Anna Lönnqvist. 


ANGEL'S & DEVIL'S COCKTAIL by author David JP Phillips

07/ 12/ 2022

We wish to give a warm and official welcome to David JP Phillips and his book Angel's & Devil's cocktail - Six substances that will change your life.
David has made an impression on us from day 1 of this collaboration. His excitement and passion to spread his knowledge is contagious. Not only is it a fantastic book on optimizing your brain but it comes with an important message and one that will help the reader getting a happier life - he is a happy pill - we mean he is an Angel's cocktail - and his book will take the world by storm. We couldn't be more proud to represent this title abroad. ON SUBMISSION NOW

27/ 11/ 2022

In a recent compilation Thomas Erikson's book SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS is no 1 on the top list of most sold foreign rights with 48 languages!

Read full article in Swedish here


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