Always Your Daughter

Caroline Säfstrand


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Sweden: Massolit


In the yellow house on the ridge the door to Jill Bergstrand's house is always open. Anyone can come and go as they wish. She is there for everyone, helps out and takes care of everyone and never asks for anything in return. Life goes its way until one day when an insistent genealogist shows up on her doorstep. This person claims to have information about Jill's mother Miriam. The story is so unlikely that Jill at first dismisses it but the genealogist will not bend, and the mother and daughter relationship that is already complicated is about to be tested. How will they cope with the event that none of them dares to speak about?


At the same time, changes occur in Jill's safe existence as her teenage daughter drifts further away from her and there is some concerning news at work. To top it all off the new neighbor Lucas disturbs her peace so thoroughly that not even her encouraging post-it notes with wisdom and happiness that are spread out throughout the house can help.


Always Your Daughter is a novel about three women's search for answers, buried secrets that resurfaces and how difficult it can be to make peace with your past.


300 pages

Reviews on Caroline Säfstrand's previous books: 

"A warm novel that stays with you"

Bonniers Bokklubb

Reader's Comments: 

"I just wanted to let you know that you have given me two of my greatest reading experiences, and I look forward to diving into your third book so much. Never before have I become so physically touched, my whole inner world is shaken after having read Mystery's Kitchen and I had already been incredibly moved by Time Heals No Wounds… I have read nearly everything by Jojo Moyes whom also moves me but not as much as your writing does!" - Anonymous email

"Mystery's Kitchen is a book that affects you deeply. I loved it. What a wonderful story and what living and warm characters. Imagine to have a "Signe" as the next door neighbor... I was so touched by the end of the story and so sad that it ended. Thank you for an amazing reading experience!"

Eva Andersson

"A wonderful story. Caroline is like a Swedish Anna Gavalda. I didn't want the book to end. Unlikely, sure, but so nice, human and tender. Like a beautiful saga. "

Storytel reader,  5/5