The Art of Making an Impression (Konsten att göra intryck)

Angela Ahola

konsten att gora intryck

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A book that helps you show your better self.


During the first few seconds others will have made up their mind about you. What is it that determine whether others will want to cooperate with you, hire you or buy from you. What makes us like and trust a person, choose one product and not another, or feel confident with one organization?


Our relationships may be long or short, private or professional. They may happen eye to eye, through social media, over the phone, email or during a video conference. One thing they all have in common is that they all started with a first impression: a critical moment where a number of important components come together and are being judged. It's all determined in that moment whether or not others will want to cooperate with us, hire us, date us or be led by us.


What is it exactly that controls others perception of us? How do we influence others and how do we win them over and make them trust us?  How do we create the right conditions for a good relationship?  And can we get a second chance on the first impression - should we fail the first time?



Angela has authored a number of academic publications based on her research, and is often cited in the press / TV. Moreover, she herself is a business owner with a number of years with extensive experience of sales and marketing.


240 pages






"Just finished reading the book with great admiration. Fascinating, very informative and unusually good for its genre. Angela Ahola manages to mix science with "pop-culture" in a fantastic way. Could not stop reading!"
– Colette van Luik, freelance journalist for Topphälsa



"An incredible book that everyone should read!"
- Camilla Thulin, fashion designer and author



"Angela Ahola delivers something very unusual with a book based on academic work, written by a Swede that, rhetorically speaking, could be any of the popular science books on the New York Times bestseller list. "

- Vilhelm Hansén,

PR firm - GUL PR





After having read The Art of Making Impressions, I can manage to see myself from other people's perspectives. From time to time in life we need to examine ourselves – what is it about me that benefits my relationships (private and professional), my success, and what is not contributing to these. I now have concrete tools for making the right impression--one of those impressions that opens  more doors to success, more rewarding relationships and more fun in life.



- Saila Ek,

Yasuragi Hasseludden





This book is for all people who are interested in how to make an impression on others, build trust and mediate influence. It gives concrete advice on the things that can affect how we perceive, judge and look at others, and, more important, the other way around.

- Marika Södergren

Behavioural psychologist





Human psychology is more important than we can imagine. The Art of Making impressions gives all the tools needed to make a good first impression. It describes the difficulties changing the feeling gotten within the first few seconds of a meeting another person. For a person like me who has worked with sales all my life, making a good first impression is extremely important. I highly recommend everyone read the book because it opens up opportunities, both professionally and personally.




- Timmi Jofur

CEO AlphaPartner






The Art of Making Impressions triggered all of my senses. It gave me a greater understanding for how we categorize the people around us and how important it is to be seen and receive affirmations in the right way. The book gave me an appetite to develop myself and become more aware of how others perceive me in my profession and as an individual.

Angela describes it in a way that even the uninitiated can grasp the book's message. In other words, the information is easily accessible and super interesting. This book will help me in many ways.



-Hilde Kindblad Nilsson

Utbildare / NLP Coach




"incredibly good! -was my spontaneous reaction after having read Angela Ahola’s book, The Art of Making Impressions. I can only summarize it by saying that it left me super inspired! The book is well written and immediately grabbed my attention. I give Angela bonus points for illustrating it with personal anecdotes. With the knowledge I’ve gained I feel better equipped for any meeting. The most important lesson for me, someone who has had trouble speaking in front of a group, are the invaluable tips to think about my posture and breathing. This book gave me a real confidence boost! With a few simple tricks, I now know how to change my speech or performance from failure to success. Thank you, Angela, for a lovely book. - Vesa Morley, Account Manager