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David JP Phillips is an international lecturer with roots in Sweden. He works at the top level in the US for some of the world's most influential companies such as Google, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, HP and many more Fortune 500 companies. He has been named by Global Gurus as number 8 in the world in communication and his 3 TEDx talks are some of the absolute biggest in their niches with 10 million views. David JP Phillips has a social media platform that generates more than 100 million views. He owns one of the world's most comprehensive digital platforms for communication training HeadGain.com. David JP Phillips also owns the world's largest domain in storytelling: Storytelling.com.

The unique angle David JP Phillips has in "genuine self-leadership" is his 19-year- long depression, which he learned to break through with the help of in-depth knowledge of man's ability to communicate with himself. That breakthrough became the basis for the WOW course, Sweden's by far the most booked course on the subject. David JP Phillips lives and works at JPManor in Sweden.

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