Mystery's Kitchen

Caroline Säfstrand

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Denmark: Alpha Forlag

Sweden: Massolit

Norway: Anemone

A touching novel with insight about our deepest and most crucial life secrets

In Mystery's Kitchen Erik has to make an unexpected journey to the Island of Ven. Ina, the love of his life, has left behind this one, final mission for him. She knew she was dying and in a race against the time, she has been seeking answers to her life's unsolved questions. Clues to the answers she hides in a crossword for Erik. Now he has to solve the riddle, and by doing so he doesn't only come closer to Inas truth, but to his own.

On the Island Erik meets the eccentric Liv, who runs the vegetarian restaurant named Mystery's Kitchen, the hundred year old Signe, who lives with her stuffed animals, and Maj, who won a stay on the Island though she never participated in any competition. They all are mentioned in Ina’s crosswords and soon the filled in squares reveal the truths none of them could have imagined.

300 pages


"A warm novel that stays with you"

Bonniers Bokklubb

Reader's Comments: 


"I just wanted to let you know that you have given me two of my greatest reading experiences, and I look forward to diving into your third book so much. Never before have I become so physically touched, my whole inner world is shaken after having read Mystery's Kitchen and I had already been incredibly moved by Time Heals No Wounds… I have read nearly everything by Jojo Moyes whom also moves me but not as much as your writing does!" - Anonymous email

"Mystery's Kitchen is a book that affects you deeply. I loved it. What a wonderful story and what living and warm characters. Imagine to have a "Signe" as the next door neighbor... I was so touched by the end of the story and so sad that it ended. Thank you for an amazing reading experience!"

Eva Andersson

"A wonderful story. Caroline is like a Swedish Anna Gavalda. I didn't want the book to end. Unlikely, sure, but so nice, human and tender. Like a beautiful saga. "

Storytel reader,  5/5